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UniCredit wants to be a company that is attractive to highly qualified employees and offers them every opportunity, this being the only way to secure strong short- and long-term corporate performance that forms the basis for high shareholder value.

Our company constantly reviews employee remuneration, incentive strategies and profit-share schemes. In so doing we make recourse to the services and advice of internal and external legal and tax experts, auditors, human resources and pay consultants as necessary.

We are thus able to produce a globally valid remuneration philosophy and an incentive structure tailored to our company's requirements of recruiting qualified employees and motivating and developing our existing talent.

Our goal is payment matched to performance in accordance with our Integrity Charter. To achieve these objectives the remuneration and incentive schemes are based on the following principles:

  • Remuneration and incentives must be paid for conduct that accords with our Integrity Charter's fundamental ethical values.

  • Remuneration and incentives should be geared to individual performance, thus ensuring that special payments also reflect the performance level of the company as a whole, the divisions and of course the employees in question. We strive for performance-related payment in accordance with our Integrity Charter.

  • Remuneration and incentives must serve short- and long-term financial and strategic objectives, which in turn correspond to the interests of our shareholders.

  • The level of remuneration and incentives must be competitive in order to recruit and retain performance-orientated, committed employees and executives for the company, to the satisfaction of both parties.