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10 good reasons to get your career off the ground with Bank Austria

    Member of the UniCredit
Bank Austria is a member of the UniCredit, one of Europe's biggest banking groups. It operates in 22 European countries and employs around 160,000 employees.

For you, personally, this pan-European network means the opportunity for exciting, international projects and professional collaboration in a dynamic market.

Austria's biggest bank with an Eastern European network
Bank Austria is the clear market leader in the Austrian banking business and, as a member of the UniCredit, is responsible for the biggest network of banks in the growth region of Central and Eastern Europe, or CEE for short. By joining us you will be making a personal contribution to the success of Austria's biggest bank.

Common values
We are united by common values, both in our day-to-day work for our customers and also when dealing with our colleagues. Respect, freedom, reciprocity, trust, transparency and fairness are all values firmly enshrined in our Integrity Charter.

Committed employees
We're in no doubt that purposeful inclusion of, and of course self-determination for our employees are decisive for a common commitment to the company. Each individual therefore makes a valuable contribution to implementing our common vision.

Worthwhile performance
We expect you to do your best. To help you achieve this, once a year you'll sit down with your managers to define exciting targets and duties and you'll receive a pay package that accurately reflects your performance through a combination of a fixed salary and variable bonus.

Careers can be very varied
The Bank's various departments and divisions pursue different strategies and their day-to-day work focuses on different aspects, which means a varied range of duties and career opportunities for you.

European perspective
We offer a European perspective to your career, irrespective of whether you decide to join Bank Austria or one of our Group banks abroad.

Training & Development
As far as we are concerned, we don't just pay lip service to lifelong learning. As an employee of our banking group, you can choose the options from a comprehensive education and training programme that meet your personal professional development requirements and are commensurate with your qualifications.

Pay and more
Of course pay is important. But we are also proud of what else we have to offer – occupational pension contributions, health management, flexible working hours and the best possible compatibility between professional and private life.

Social responsibility
We desire to be a company with which our employees identify and which they can trust. We have already been committed for many years to projects and initiatives that promote sustainability, thus assuming social responsibility for securing our society's future.