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How to protect your PC


A firewall protects your computer against hackers, viruses and worms trying to gain access to your computer via the Internet. This is the most effective and important first step to protect your computer in your home. Use a desktop firewall to regulate access of programs to the Internet. Be distrustful of unknown programs which request Internet access.

Note: A firewall cannot remedy an existing infection of your system. For this reason you additionally need antivirus software and anti-spyware software!

Up-to-date browser versions

Security problems are occasionally encountered with older versions of browsers. Therefore updates for your Internet browser are published at irregular intervals. Do not ignore these messages and execute the update as soon as possible. Also execute updates for the browser plugins (Flash Player, Java Runtime Environment, Quicktime Player, etc.). These may contain security gaps which are closed by updates.

Up-to-date operating systems

Older versions of operating systems may also have security gaps. Updates can often close such gaps. We recommend that you select fully automatic updates. All remedies for errors will be installed immediately after being issued. Any potential attacker will then no longer be able to take advantage of errors and security gaps.

Note: Top security with automatic updates for browser and operating system!

Antivirus software

Install effective antivirus software before browsing the Internet. To be protected against recent viruses, you need to regularly update your antivirus software. Automatic updates can be set up for most antivirus programs.

Note 1: Regularly carry out a system check with your antivirus software.

Note 2: Two antivirus programs are not better than one. The concurrent execution of several antivirus programs may lead to serious conflicts.