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How to create safe passwords

At least eight characters

An effective password has at least eight characters (the longer, the better).

Use upper-case letters, lower-case letters and special characters

The password should be made up of upper-case letters, lower-case letters, numbers and special characters (%$§ etc.).

No first names or the name of your pet

Under no circumstances should you use the names of family members, of your pet, your best friend, your favourite star or their date of birth etc.

No keyboard sequences

Do not use character sequences, e.g. asdfgh or 1234abcd etc.

Change your password regularly

Change your password at regular intervals, no later than every three to four months. Set an automatic reminder for regularly changing your passwords for e-mails, banking transactions, credit card companies etc.

Do not store your passwords without encryption

Do not store your passwords in the respective software, and on no account should you store them in a file that can be easily identified. Never stick the familiar "password post-it" to your monitor.

Tip: Here is a way for easily creating a safe password: think up a sentence and use only the first letters: I will now immediately think of a password: IwnitoaP. Add some numbers and special characters: Iwnito8%aP.

Please note: Never use an umlaut: if you travel abroad you cannot enter an umlaut in the keyboard.

Some useful information on safe passwords

Hackers like to use dictionary tools to try thousands of possible passwords within a very short space of time. Protect yourself by using unusual passwords which cannot be found in any dictionary.