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This is how we protect you

Data transmission using SSL encryption

We use SSL encryption, one of the best security standards, to encrypt all data transmitted during an OnlineBanking or BusinessNet session.

Bank Austria uses Extended Validation Certificates ("EV SSL Certificates"), which provide higher security compared with conventional SSL certificates.

Each EV SSL Certificate contains unambiguous authenticated information on its owner and is issued by a certification entity. The certificates used by Bank Austria are issued by VeriSign.

To check the certificate click on the closed lock symbol in the upper or lower bar of your browser or, with Firefox, in the Internet address displayed in green. Check if the certificate is issued by VeriSign, one of the world’s largest providers of certification services. Now click on "display certificates". You will find the applicant under the Details tab. Click on this line. The applicant’s name must be UniCredit Bank Austria AG.

Secure PIN/TAN procedure

PIN (personal identification number) and TAN (transaction number) are the keys to secure banking: a user code and a PIN issued by Bank Austria are required for logging into OnlineBanking or BusinessNet. Transactions, e.g. payments, are additionally secured with a "one-off password", the TAN (transaction number). A TAN will become invalid upon being used.

You need a separate TAN (transaction number) for each order. This ensures the safe execution of your order.

Should your PIN or your TANs become known to another person, you can have them blocked immediately by contacting Bank Austria's OnlineBanking hotline. You can thereby prevent misuse of your PIN and TANs by third parties.

Enhanced security through mobileTAN

When using the mobileTAN system the TANs you need for a payment or other banking transactions will be sent to your mobile telephone directly via SMS – fast and reliably. The SMS contains your TAN and all essential information on the transaction. This gives you an additional opportunity to check the details.

Automatic logout

Whenever we find that no online activities have taken place on our website for over 30 minutes, you will be logged off automatically. Nevertheless, we strongly advise you always to use the logout button to log off.

24h assistance

Bank Austria's OnlineBanking hotline is available around the clock: 05 05 05 26100 (without an area code from anywhere within Austria).