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The new OnlineBanking
One of the key goals of the BusinessNet redesign was even greater user friendliness.

Now, BusinessNet features a contemporary design with an improved structure and clearer navigation.

Orders can be placed more simply. Complex actions are broken down into individual steps that guide you through the system.

The data and search functions are combined on a single page so that you can access your orders more easily and filter them more efficiently.
The newly designed start page shows your account balances and transactions at a glance and provides you with direct access to the most important services.

You can configure up to five of your most important accounts on the start page.

The page also shows you an overview of all orders waiting to be signed. You can access them directly from the start page.
The electronic account statement function provides you with your account statement and all records in PDF format.

Account statements and records can be archived more efficiently this way.

The electronic account statement includes a digital signature from Bank Austria so that you can verify the identity of the sender.

By enabling the electronic account statement, you can cancel the delivery of account statements on paper.
You can cancel securities orders that have not yet been executed by clicking the Cancel button in the Order Overview.

  • Easy

  • Simple

  • Kostenfrei
  • The order archive contains all orders that have been signed or cancelled through OnlineBanking.

  • Search for orders using various filter functions.

  • Create new orders and templates from the archive.
  • The new MobileBanking has an even simpler interface that is optimised for your smartphone.

  • App for iPhone and Android.

  • Anywhere and around the clock.

  • New interface optimised for touchscreens.
  • The new notification service provides you with information by text message or e-mail about

    • account balances,
    • transactions,
    • limit notices.

    You specify which information you receive.

    Take advantage of a free text message starter package after you activate the function for the first time.
    You can use the e-mail service for no charge.