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Investment & Market Info
Securities Trading

Trade Securities Online
With the electronic banking products from Bank Austria, you can view your securities accounts and securities transactions and also buy and sell securities easily with just a few clicks online at any time.

Thanks to an electronic connection to the trading systems, submitted orders will be forwarded to the corresponding exchange quickly.

The securities Order Overview keeps you up to date on the order status.

  • Access your securities account over the Internet or with your smartphone.
  • Direct connection to the world's most important exchanges.
  • Order stocks, bonds, warrants, certificates and funds during and outside of branch business hours
  • Low fees
  • Free order change and cancellation

Securities Positions

When you access the “Securities Positions” function, you will see an overview of the positions in your securities account. If you have multiple securities accounts, you will first see an overview of your accounts, each with the current total value.

Here, you will see the positions in the selected account and a breakdown by tax-relevant holdings.

Securities - Order-Screen

Search for the desired instrument using the “Search & Trade” function, and you will be shown an overview of all exchanges on which the securities are traded plus the current rate. You decide where you wish to purchase the instrument.

Securities - Transaction Overview

One to three business days after the execution of an order, you can see the corresponding transaction or transactions in the “Securities Transaction Overview”.

Here, you can also see all transactions resulting from deliveries or earnings (such as coupon payments, dividends and fund disbursements).