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Credit Cards

The following credit cards are shown:
  • VISA / MasterCard from card complete
  • Bank Austria MasterCard

When payments are made in foreign currencies, the original amount, the original currency and the corresponding amount in EUR are shown.

The exchange rate is shown on your credit card statement.
  • Display of balances and limits for main cards
  • Transactions for the last 3 months or billing periods

Overview page

The user's active credit cards are listed on the overview page.

With card complete, there are:
  • Main cards
  • Additional cards

Card complete additional cardholder

The details page shows the transactions on the additional card complete card.

Additional cardholders only see their own transactions, but no balance or limit. This information is only shown to the main cardholder.

Bank Austria MasterCard

The details page shows the transactions on the Bank Austria MasterCard.