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Customise to your Needs
Adapt OnlineBanking to your needs by defining accounts as favourites and/or assigning account nicknames.

    The possible account types are
  • Current account
  • Credit card
  • ErfolgsCard account
  • ErfolgsKapital Fix account
  • Bau & Wohnkonto account

Once you have defined your favourites, you will see these accounts and the corresponding transactions on the start page.
  • Display of balances and limits for your favourite accounts.
  • Quick overview of your transactions for the past 10 days (up to 10 transactions per account).
  • Easily identify your accounts using nicknames.

Welcome Page Customisation

Account Nicknames

You can assign individual designations to your accounts so that you can identify them more easily.

All accounts for which this function is available are listed.

Language and Format

This function allows you to set the interface language (German or English) and your desired time zone.

You can change the date and time format and the number formats.