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The first account – one step towards growing up

Youth has many attractive aspects. One of them is the chance to be able to try out things. With the MegaCard - the Bank Austria debit card for young people - you can give your child the chance to experience financial freedom and to learn how to deal with money, totally without risk: Pay cashless without overdraft facility. For everyone between 14 and 20.

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Mobile banking app: Have a grip on your finances always and everywhere

We learn the proper way of dealing with money in daily life. As a MegaCard user (the Bank Austria debit card for young people), your child can check his or her account balance anywhere. It can be done easily using the mobile banking app or the online banking service of Bank Austria.

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More information about the MegaCard (the Bank Austria debit card for young people)

You can find out more about the unique benefits and options of the free Bank Austria MegaCard (the Bank Austria debit card for young people) on our website.

More about the MegaCard
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