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Are you flexible and want to access your savings at short notice – as a back-up or for unexpected expenses? If yes, this new savings account of Bank Austria comes at just the right time.

Overview of the Sparkonto 24h savings account:

  • You can access your savings 24 hours per day.
  • Transfer amounts between your Bank Austria account and your Sparkonto 24h savings account via OnlineBanking or the MobileBanking app.
  • You can obtain a SparCard (savings card) with your PIN for withdrawals at the Cash Manager in self-service zones.
  • You can agree on your initial interest rates, which are adjusted at regular intervals1), at your branch or via SmartBanking.
  • Available now: special initial interest rate offer1) in OnlineBanking and for new customers.
  • You are credited with the interest at the end of each year on an annual basis.
  • You receive the latest information on your Sparkonto 24h savings account via your e-account statement, which you can obtain once a month in OnlineBanking.
  • You can, if you wish, also print out your account statement with your Bank Austria bank card or your SparCard at the Account Manager in the bank’s self-service zones whenever your savings account has been credited with the interest due and after you have made deposits or withdrawals.
  • High level of security.
Footnotes and legal information

1) The initial interest rate will be adjusted to the 1-month EURIBOR interbank rate on a quarterly basis for a period of six months, on 1 January, 1 April, 1 July and 1 October, with the minimum interest rate amounting to 0.05 % p.a. At the end of the six-month period you can agree on new initial interest rates, which are adjusted on a regular basis, for the next six months. If you should not use this opportunity, your credit balance will be paid interest at a fixed rate of 0.05 % p.a. Please refer to the “Bedingungen für das Sparkonto 24h” (Terms and Conditions for the Sparkonto 24h Savings Account, in the version of July 2016) for details of the interest paid and of interest rate adjustments.

1 July 2016


Do you have a clear savings objective and you want to know exactly what you will get? You don’t want to be tied to opening hours? Then the new Sparkonto fix savings account, with which you can achieve your savings goals wherever you may be, is for you.

Overview of the Sparkonto fix savings account:

  • Guaranteed rising interest rates until maturity.
  • You are credited with the interest on an annual basis and at maturity.
  • Fixed term.1)
  • Available for deposits of EUR 500 or more.
  • High level of security.
  • Easy savings scheme via OnlineBanking and MobileBanking app, SmartBanking or in your branch.
  • You can view your savings in OnlineBanking and MobileBanking.
  • Automatic account statement whenever your account is credited with the interest due and whenever you withdraw or deposit funds. No postage as you can obtain your account statement as an e-account statement via OnlineBanking.
Sparkonto fix with a term of 12 months
Months 1 - 4 0.050 %
Months 5 - 6 0.150 %
Months 7 - 8 0.200 %
Months 9 - 10 0.350 %
Months 11 - 12 0.400 %
This gives you an average interest rate of 0.2 %2) if funds are maintained for the full term.
All interest rates indicated above are annual rates.

You can access your savings before the end of the term. The funds withdrawn by you will receive the fixed interest rate for the term for which they have been deposited. And the remaining credit balance in the account will continue to benefit from the guaranteed rise in the interest rate for the remaining term.

Footnotes and legal information

1) If you do not dispose of your funds at the end of the term, your credit balance in the Sparkonto fix savings account will receive fixed interest at a rate of 0.05 %.

2) This does not include tax deductions.


The savings book is Austria’s most popular savings form. It also offers a number of benefits. Whether you prefer variable or fixed interest rates, sight or term deposits, Bank Austria is likely to have a savings book that meets your needs.

KapitalSparbuch – an overview of the classic savings book:

  • Fixed interest rates which are guaranteed over the entire term.
  • Fixed term.1)
  • High level of security.
  • Available for deposits of EUR 500 or more.

The following KapitalSparbuch savings book is currently offered to customers:

Term  Interest p.a. before deduction of tax  
12 months 0.15 %

You can access your savings if you need the money before maturity. Please note that the interest rate will then be reduced by the amount that has been withdrawn. Details are provided in the terms and conditions for savings under „Tabelle der Vorschusszinsen für das KapitalSparbuch III bei vorzeitiger Behebung / Saldierung“ (Table of penalty interest for early withdrawal / closure applicable to KapitalSparbuch III). You will continue to receive the guaranteed fixed interest rate for the remaining capital.


The terms and conditions for the KapitalSparbuch III apply.

1) If you do not dispose of the funds at maturity, the term of your KapitalSparbuch III will be automatically extended with a guaranteed interest rate of at least 0.01 % p.a.