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OnlineBanking & MobileBanking

Bank Austria’s OnlineBanking provides you with up-to-date account information – based on top security standards – 24 hours a day. Most OnlineBanking services are available via MobileBanking also on your smartphone and these services are included in the ErfolgsKonto current account package. To use MobileBanking without an app, please enter https://mobile.bankaustria.at.


  • Check your account balance
  • Check the cleared balance and the drawing limit
  • Review transactions on your account
  • Check the balances in your building-society savings accounts, WertpapierPlan securities investment plans, savings accounts in your name, time deposits and loan accounts
  • Make SEPA credit transfers, tax payments, EU cross-border payments, international transfers and transfers to be executed at a future date
  • Set up / modify / delete standing orders and sweep orders
  • Download securities transactions and account transactions (CSV format)
  • Block BankCards
  • Order BankCards/PIN
  • Change Limit
  • Administer your personal data such as (name, address, phonenumber, e-mail and name of your employer)
  • Monthly CashBack statement, subsciribe/unsubsribe an account for this service)
  • Electronic account statement



All you need is a PC with Internet access and OnlineBanking authorisation. You can register for OnlineBanking at any branch.


You need a smartphone or a tablet and valid OnlineBanking authorisation (available at any Bank Austria branch). You can download the MobileBanking app directly in the app store of your smartphone or follow the links.

Securities transactions

The OnlineBanking services enable you to place securities orders on very favourable terms also outside the bank’s opening hours.

Securities trading via the Internet

  • Quick and easy access to all major international exchanges at reduced charges
  • Placing orders to buy or sell securities even outside the bank’s opening hours: Monday to Friday from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. on days on which Austrian banks are open for business
  • Purchase and sale of shares, warrants, bonds, exchange traded funds, index certificates on selected exchanges
  • Over-the-counter purchase and sale of units in domestic mutual funds
  • Obtaining order status information
  • Cancelling orders via OnlineBanking
  • No fees charged for the cancellation of, or changes to, orders and for orders that have not been executed by the time they expire
  • Attractive conditions for securities orders - please view the "Terms and Conditions for Securities Trading via the Internet and TelefonBanking".

Investment & Market Information

  • Up-to-date information on prices around the world
  • Exchange rates and coin prices at Bank Austria
  • Financial news
  • Major company reports and data, supported by historical and up-to-date charts
  • Intelligent search for prices by designation and ISIN as well as price analyses


The “e-Billing” service is free of charge. It enables users to pay bills conveniently via the Internet and enter the new world of electronic billing.

Direct entry via OnlineBanking – registering is easy:

  • Register directly in OnlineBanking under “Services” by clicking on “e-Billing”.
  • Having registered for “e-Billing” you can use OnlineBanking to view and check invoices made out by billers that you have selected, pay and store the bills or print them out.
  • Your direct debit orders can remain effective; in this case you will only be able to view the bills via OnlineBanking.

Whenever an invoice is received, you will be informed by e-mail to an address indicated by you. If you import a bill into OnlineBanking for payment, the relevant fields in the transfer form will be completed automatically. You only need to sign the transfer order by using a TAN.

Another advantage: online archiving of your bills for seven years.

Top security standard

Bank Austria uses SSL encryption, one of the best security standards available, to protect your data and transactions. In addition, Online Post Austria GmbH uses other proven security mechanisms to protect your data against loss and misuse.

e-Billing” for billers

“e-Billing” is a useful service also for businesses (billers). For details please contact our cooperation partner.

Online Post Austria GmbH, Wolfgang Gschwandtner
+43 (0)57767 24061 or www.onlinepost.at

The MobileTAN procedure

A transaction number (TAN) is generated for each signature transaction and sent by SMS to the mobile phone number you have indicated.

For each order recorded, you will receive – together with the TAN – information by SMS on the order data received by the bank. Compare the order data which you have entered with the data from the SMS. In this way you can identify any data manipulation which may be caused by malware on your PC.


  • Sign orders quickly and conveniently
  • No more TAN letters to keep
  • You do not need to send an SMS, you just have to receive an SMS
  • Available at any time around the world
  • No additional costs
    Note: SMS will not be charged by Bank Austria, provider charges may apply (e.g. roaming fees).

Switch to mobileTAN

To register for mobileTAN signature in either OnlineBanking or BusinessNet, simply pass by in one of our branches or contact your relationship manager. Please have your personal ID ready to identify yourself to our staff while applying for mobileTAN in a branch.

Take care that your computer communicates only with Bank Austria, not with any third party! Always enter our Internet address www.bankaustria.at before starting to use OnlineBanking services. While Bank Austria has taken measures against spoofing attacks, this is the easiest and most effective way to protect yourself against such an attack.

Please note that the above does not apply to EPS payments (online transfers in various online shops).

OnlineBanking login and logout

OnlineBanking login

Entering your access data is required only on the login page. The login page also contains up-to-date security information.

You can check the security certificate simply by double-clicking on the lock symbol in the footer of the Internet browser.

Use the logout button

Automatic logout will take place if we do not detect any online activities on our website for more than 30 minutes. We nevertheless urgently advise you to log out with the logout button every time you use OnlineBanking services. In this way you avoid giving a hacker a theoretical chance to view your data.

PIN and TAN - the keys to safe banking

We give top priority to the security of your data and transactions. For this reason we use SSL encryption, one of the best security standards, to encrypt all data transmitted during a session.

Keep your PIN and TANs safe

The best security systems are worthless if third parties gain access to your secret PIN or TANs. It is only with these two keys that your account information can be accessed and transactions can be executed.
Should your PIN or TANs fall into the wrong hands, you can have them blocked immediately via the Bank Austria OnlineBanking hotline. This will prevent any misuse of your PIN and TANs by third parties.

Change your PIN frequently and select a secure PIN

Regularly changing your PIN will provide effective protection against hackers. If a hacker gets access to your PIN, this will be useless to such a person if the PIN is no longer valid. Never use your standard password for OnlineBanking. Some computer programs encrypt the password at an insufficient level of security.

Never store your PIN and TANs on your PC

Do not store your PIN and TANs on your PC. An unauthorised person may get access to your PC, copy your PIN and TANs unnoticed and use them for his/her own purposes.

The following questions are frequently asked in connection with OnlineBanking and mobileTANs. Here are the answers:

Advice to error message "User code or PIN not correct"

In case you get an error "User code or PIN not correct" at login, please note that the standard PIN always consists of 5 digits. Up to now exceeding digits where ignored.

Due to a new enhancement of the PIN field, additional digits are now accepted at input and therefore lead to a PIN validation error.
Please solely use the first 5 digits of your PIN!

In case of any questions please call +43 (0) 50505-26100.

PIN blocked or forgotten

Your PIN is blocked

For security reasons, your PIN will be deactivated following repeated attempts to log into OnlineBanking or BusinessNet with a wrong PIN. You can have your PIN unblocked by contacting our hotline +43 (0)5 05 05 26100.

You have forgotten your PIN

If you have forgotten your PIN you can request a new PIN for OnlineBanking or BusinessNet at any Bank Austria branch. Please note that you are required to present an official ID for this purpose. You cannot log into OnlineBanking or BusinessNet without a PIN. Dispatch of the PIN by mail or a PIN reset online is not possible as this may lead to abuse.


What is the OnlineBanking hotline number?

For questions on OnlineBanking and MobileBanking you can call 050505 26100
(around the clock, from any place in Austria without using a local code)

For questions on securities trading via the Internet and TelefonBanking you can call 050505 26000 (from Monday to Friday from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. on days on which banks in Austria are open for business, from any place in Austria without using a local code)

What is OnlineBanking?

OnlineBanking enables you to settle your banking transactions conveniently from your home. You can check your account balances and transactions, make payments and settle your securities transactions.

What do I need for using the OnlineBanking service?

To use the OnlineBanking service, you need a computer with an Internet connection and authorisation to use OnlineBanking services. You can apply for OnlineBanking authorisation at any of our branches. You will receive your user code and your PIN (personal identification number), which are your personal identification details for OnlineBanking. Whenever you log into OnlineBanking, you need to enter these details in the login field on our website. Transactions via OnlineBanking are released with TANs (transaction numbers). Whenever you need to sign, you will receive a TAN sent to the mobile phone number which you indicated to the bank.

OnlineBanking authorisation gives you immediate access to almost all transactions and banking products that you hold. If you want to use OnlineBanking to manage accounts on which you can sign, contact your relationship manager. For such accounts you will also need OnlineBanking authorisation signed by the account holder.

What is the cost of OnlineBanking?

OnlineBanking is included in all current account packages of Bank Austria. You will only need to pay fees charged by your Internet service provider and any telephone charges.

Which versions of operating systems and browsers are required for using the OnlineBanking service?

OnlineBanking works with the standard operating systems and browsers. We test the latest versions (no beta versions) of the following browsers and operating systems:


  • Internet Explorer
  • Firefox
  • Safari
  • Chrome

Operating systems

  • Windows
  • Mac OS X
  • Linux (Ubuntu)

What are the OnlineBanking service hours?

OnlineBanking is available to you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The OnlineBanking hotline team is also available around the clock on telephone 050505 26100 (from any place in Austria without using a local code).

What information can I view via OnlineBanking?

You can use the OnlineBanking service to access the current balances and transactions in your current accounts (including foreign-currency accounts) and your ErfolgsCard/ErfolgsKapital fix.

You can obtain information on your next credit card bill. OnlineBanking shows the balance, current and last transactions of your card complete VISA/MasterCard and your Bank Austria MasterCard.

You can view details of your safe-custody accounts: securities holdings, orders yet to be executed and historical orders, and turnover. Information on securities holdings and turnover in your WertpapierPlan securities investment plans is also available to you via OnlineBanking. Moreover, you can view the balances of your building society savings accounts, savings accounts in your name, and loans.

What types of transactions can I settle via OnlineBanking?

In addition to domestic transfers and forward transfers, you can give instructions for international transfers, tax payments, SEPA credit transfers, attractively priced EU cross-border payments, standing orders and sweep orders, modify and cancel such instructions.

OnlineBanking can be used for purchases and sales of shares, warrants, bonds, exchange-traded funds and index certificates on selected exchanges, and domestic and foreign mutual funds admitted to trading in Austria and selected by the bank.

How far back does information on my account go?

Account information is available for a period of 24 months in the past.

When will my transfers appear in the list of transactions?

Once we have booked your transfer, you will see it in the OnlineBanking list of transactions.

Can I view my account balance at an account statement printer although I use the OnlineBanking service?

Yes, viewing account information via OnlineBanking has no influence on the account statement printer.

I cannot access OnlineBanking via the Intranet of my company. What is the reason for this?

This is probably due to the firewall installed at your company. Pages concerning our OnlineBanking service are encrypted. Please contact your network administrator.

One of the products I use (e.g. an account) does not appear in the financial overview. What is the reason for this?

Once you have registered for OnlineBanking, you will automatically see all accounts held by you. For accounts on which you are authorised to sign, OnlineBanking authorisation must additionally be recorded by an employee at our branches. This requires the account holder’s signature.

Accounts which were opened after the registration for OnlineBanking can be viewed in OnlineBanking on the next day.

I have entered the details of a transfer and would like to sign it. How can I do this?

Once you have saved a transfer, please go to the “Signature folder”. There you will see a list of current orders – such as forward transfers to be executed at a future date, or standing orders – and orders that you have entered but not yet signed.

Mark the orders you wish to sign and click on “Go to signature”. If you use the mobileTAN procedure, please enter the TAN which you have received on your mobile phone on the subsequent page. The orders will then be forwarded to Bank Austria for processing.

Connection problems occurred during a transfer. How can I check if the transfer was executed?

The signature folder will show any transfer which was not forwarded for execution. If the transfer is not shown there, please check the “Order archive” and the status of the order.

What can I present as a voucher for a payment which I have made via OnlineBanking?

The following options are available to you to provide evidence of payment via OnlineBanking:

  1. After signing one or more orders you will get to the confirmation list. By clicking on “Print” you can print out your confirmation of payment.
  2. You can print out the transactions from the list of transactions by clicking on the printer symbol (upper right-hand corner) within OnlineBanking.
  3. You can present an account statement printed out at the account statement printer.

Please note:
Confirmation can only be issued for a payment which you make at the cash desk and for which you get a stamp. Legally, a stamp on a payment slip and a printout from the confirmation list in OnlineBanking will be deemed to be confirmation of the payment order but not confirmation of the execution of a payment.

The transfer form includes a “Customer Data” field. What do I need to enter there?

Customer data are, for example, the policy number, the customer reference number, the telephone number in the case of a telephone bill. These details make it easier for the payee to allocate the payment. Many payees specify on the payment slip the details to be entered in the customer data field. The content of this field corresponds to the data in the code line of the payment slip. Customer details are only permitted to be entered numerically.

What are the additional services that I can use with OnlineBanking authorisation?

Once you have registered for OnlineBanking, you can also use Bank Austria’s MobileServices. These include the notification service, the communication centre and MobileBanking.

Notification service

You can use Bank Austria’s notification service to have various items of account information (securities limit notification, monthly account balance, etc.) sent to your e-mail address or your mobile phone. This service is free.

Communication centre

The communication centre is an information exchange tool similar to e-mail. Encryption is used to make the transmitted data unreadable to third parties. The communication centre thereby prevents external third parties from gaining access to information. You can view communications via “Services”/”Communication”.


MobileBanking has been designed for mobile phones of the latest generation and gives you access to your finances via your mobile phone. The operation of the service has been adjusted to OnlineBanking. UMTS (Universal Mobile Telecommunication System) permits significantly higher rates of data transmission than GPRS and GSM. Applications are therefore more user-friendly and faster. More information is available on our website at “Private Customers”/”24h Banking”/ “OnlineBanking & MobileBanking”.

How reliable is OnlineBanking?

We give top priority to the security of your data and transactions. For this reason we encrypt all data transmitted during an OnlineBanking session, using SSL encryption, one of the best security standards (depending on your browser).

MobileTAN procedure

How safe is transmission by SMS?

We have a failure-resistant direct connection to SMS gateways (SMSC) of various well-established providers (e.g. A1). This means that quick delivery and a high level of availability are ensured.

Which mobile communication providers support the delivery of mobileTANs?

Delivery is supported by all Austrian mobile communication providers and is regularly tested by us.

For customers of Austrian mobile communication providers outside Austria:

Please ask your provider in which countries and with which mobile communication providers roaming agreements have been concluded.
General rule: If a “normal” SMS is delivered to you via roaming, you will also receive our mobileTAN SMS.

For customers of foreign mobile communication providers:

Delivery via SMS works worldwide and has been tested by us in selected countries. We ask for your understanding that we cannot provide a full list here.
General rule: If a “normal” SMS is delivered to you from an Austrian mobile phone, you will also receive our mobileTAN SMS. (The only known exception is China Mobile.)

Is there a charge for the SMS?

No, delivery of the SMS is free of charge. Please note that your provider may charge a roaming fee for an SMS received abroad.

Do I have to reply to the SMS?

No, receipt of the SMS will suffice. A reply to sender number 050505 26101 will not reach us.

How long will it take for the SMS to arrive?

If the mobile phone works and is switched on, delivery will as a rule take a few seconds.

Haven't received the SMS on your mobile phone?

Please try once more to have a mobileTAN delivered to your mobile phone, and also try to have an SMS delivered to you from another Austrian mobile phone. If you do not receive either SMS, please check if your SMS memory is full. If you receive an SMS from another Austrian mobile phone but do not receive our mobileTAN SMS, please contact our hotline at 050505 26100.

How long will the bank try to deliver the SMS if it cannot be delivered immediately, e.g. because the mobile phone has been switched off?

The first attempt to deliver the SMS will be made immediately after the relevant request, and the next attempt will take place a few minutes later. Then Bank Austria’s SMS gateway will try to deliver the mobileTAN SMS during the next 3 days (72 hours) at different intervals. If your mobile phone cannot be reached within these 72 hours, the SMS will become invalid. You can nevertheless request delivery of a new SMS at any time by bringing the order for signature once more.

Please note: The 3 days mentioned above refer only to the attempts to deliver the SMS; a mobileTAN is valid for 30 days.

Can I have the same mobileTAN sent to me several times?

Yes, for example, if the signature action was cancelled and the same order/orders is/are submitted unchanged for signature once more.

Will the bank block the use of the mobileTAN procedure by me if I have the same mobileTAN sent to me several times?

No. If the bank submits the same order/orders unchanged for signature once more, you will always receive the same mobileTAN on your mobile phone and the use of the mobileTAN procedure will not be blocked.

When will the use of the mobileTAN procedure be blocked?

After four wrong attempts to enter a mobileTAN.

How long will a mobileTAN remain valid?

A mobileTAN is valid for 30 calendar days from the date of delivery (or until it is used correctly).

Why do I receive a new mobileTAN after I have cancelled the entry and changed the order?

Each mobileTAN is generated upon request and can only be used for signing the relevant transaction. If the transaction is deleted or changed, the mobileTAN will become forfeited immediately. You can request a new mobileTAN at any time.

Does the delivery of mobileTANs work outside Austria?

For customers of an Austrian mobile communication provider:
Please ask your provider in which countries and with which mobile communication providers roaming agreements have been concluded. General rule: If a “normal” SMS can be delivered to you via roaming, you will also receive our mobileTAN SMS.

For customers of a foreign mobile communication provider:

Delivery of an SMS works worldwide and has been tested by us in selected countries. We ask for your understanding that we cannot provide a full list here.
General rule: If a “normal” SMS can be delivered to you from an Austrian mobile phone, you will also receive our mobileTAN SMS.

Why have 4 digits of my telephone number been obliterated?

This has been done to ensure that your telephone number remains confidential and cannot be spied out by third parties (e.g. by looking over your shoulder).

How can I change my mobile phone number?


To change or register for mobileTAN signature in either OnlineBanking or BusinessNet, simply pass by in one of our branches or contact your relationship manager. Please have your personal ID ready to identify yourself to our staff while applying for mobileTAN in a branch.


Why can I only sign up to 3 orders simultaneously with a mobileTAN?

The maximum number of characters in an SMS message is limited. Only up to 3 orders of the following types (or any combination of them) can therefore be signed together: domestic transfers, SEPA credit transfers, tax payments, EU cross-border payments, standing orders, sweep orders, securities orders. International transfers and foreign cheques are less frequently used types of payments and need to be signed individually.

What will I have to do if I wish to sign more than 3 orders?

As explained above, the OnlineBanking service enables you to sign a maximum of 3 orders simultaneously. We therefore recommend that you do not enter additional orders until you have signed the first 3 orders with a mobileTAN. If business customers and corporate customers find that this does not meet their needs, we recommend that they use BusinessNet, a service for which this restriction does not apply.

Is there a limit for transfers using mobileTANs?

The transfer limit which you can individually select under “Administration”/”Security”/”Personal Limit” also applies to mobileTANs. There is no further limit for mobileTANs.

What happens if my mobile phone is stolen?

If your mobile phone is stolen, you should arrange for your mobile communication provider to block the SIM card. If you receive a new SIM card with the same telephone number, no further action is required. If you get a new telephone number and would like to have mobileTANs sent to the new number, please arrange for the telephone number to be changed at a Bank Austria branch.

Can I use mobileTANs and the TAN letter alternately?

No, for each service (OnlineBanking, BusinessNet) you can use one or the other procedure.

Can I use different TAN procedures for OnlineBanking and BusinessNet?

Yes, you can use different TAN procedures for OnlineBanking, BusinessNet, BusinessLine and MBS third-party products. For example, you can use mobileTANs to sign orders in OnlineBanking and iTANS to sign orders in BusinessNet.

Can I use different phone numbers for BusinessNet and OnlineBanking?

Yes, you can register different telephone numbers for OnlineBanking and BusinessNet.

Can I use mobileTANs also for BusinessLine?

Yes, our BusinessLine product supports the mobileTAN procedure, please contact your Electronic Banking relationship manager. If MBS third-party products already support mobileTANs, you can also switch to this procedure.

How can I switch back to the iTAN procedure?

You can arrange for the switch back to the iTAN procedure at any Bank Austria branch (please present a photo ID document).

Why is the mobileTAN currently the most secure electronic signature procedure?

There is no need to keep or send TAN letters, and users do not have any “spare” TANs, which may be spied out through phishing. Moreover, every mobileTAN is linked to a specific order (or a maximum of 3 orders which are signed simultaneously) and can only be used to sign that order. This eliminates the risk of a mobileTAN falling into the wrong hands.

Is the iTAN not secure any longer?

Tricksters have recently launched an increasing number of attacks on Austrian bank customers who use iTANs (TAN letter containing 50 TANs). Customers who sign their OnlineBanking transactions with mobileTANs have not been affected by such attacks. Although our customers who use the iTAN procedure did not incur any losses, we want to respond to these attacks and further enhance OnlineBanking security.

We recommend switching to mobileTANs.

And we are introducing a transaction limit of EUR 1,000 per iTAN, as provided for in section 4.5 of the Terms and Conditions for Bank Austria OnlineBanking.

In my holiday home (in my study, in the basement, ...) I cannot receive messages on my mobile phone. Can I use mobileTANs in such locations?

Yes, if you can receive messages on your mobile phone at least temporarily, e.g. in a different place. A mobileTAN is valid for 30 days and the SMS will be delivered as soon as you can receive messages again. Unless you change the order to be signed, the mobileTAN in the SMS may also be used the next time you log in, during a period of up to 30 days.