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Your Private Banking

With our focus on customers' needs and assets, your personal situation and goals, and expert financial planning are at the heart of our advisory services.

The advisory process is based on our market view, our bank’s proven investment strategy and on cooperation with selected fund partners. Bank Austria Private Banking provides integrated solutions.

We would be glad to help you with your investments as well as providing you with finance, insurance and payment services. Our top priority is to earn and maintain the confidence of our customers day by day.

Your private banking

The focal points of our advice are the needs and assets of our customers. Active consideration of your personal life situation, your goals in life and competent financial planning form the basis of our advisory activity.
The investment advice provided by Bank Austria Private Banking is based on our market opinion, our sound investment strategy and cooperation with selected fund partners.
We believe that it is important to provide you with integrated and sustainable solutions for your assets. Our service portfolio for your assets also includes products and services in the areas of finance, insurance and payments.
Our prime objective is to justify the trust which our customers place in us every day.

Private banking one step ahead

In our opinion, the essence of private banking is very definitely the provision of continuous in-depth advice regarding all money and investment questions.
We attach great importance to your trust because it is an essential basis of every good partnership. In order to maintain and strengthen your trust in our Bank, we rely on transparency in the provision of our services,  a wide range of select cooperation and fund partners, and a comprehensive range of services. 

  • In our capacity as a general bank, we offer our customers both investment advice and product solutions, and services in the areas of finance, insurance and payments..
  • Teams of specialists with very specific know-how and many years of experience are available for special selected areas.
  • Two consulting models are available for your investment decisions: the UNIVERS EXKLUSIV service model and asset management depending on whether you want to personally make investment decisions or delegate them to our team of investment experts.
  • Thanks to our exclusive and continuous cooperation with select fund partners, you profit from the quality and reliability of these investment companies and the transparency of our consulting approach.

Investment advice

The investment advice in Bank Austria Private Banking follows structured criteria, systematic analyses and in-depth market information. This produces individual solutions and an integrated perspective. Depending on the type of investment and the willingness to delegate, assets are invested using the asset management model or within the framework of UNIVERS EXKLUSIV.

Five model portfolios

All our considerations concerning capital markets and asset diversification - our market opinion - and the strategies derived therefrom ultimately flow into five model portfolios. Each of the five model portfolios represents an investment approach - from conservative to progressive - and is therefore oriented in five gradations from risk-conscious investors to risk-friendly investors.

Risk profile test

We will enable you to determine your own individual risk profile by means of a short test. This test is based on a scientific method which was developed by the Max Planck Institute. Individual decision-making behaviour is also determined. You therefore find out what investment type you are - especially also in regard to your willingness to delegate investment decisions

Portfolio quality analysis advice

As financial markets become increasingly more complex, it is practical to analyse your personal asset investment from a bird's eye perspective from time to time. An advisory discussion within the framework of portfolio quality analysis provides you with a detailed presentation and analysis of your investment portfolio based on asset classes, a comparison of your current portfolio and a model portfolio, and a specific investment proposal.

Specialist teams for your asset questions

It is essential to analyse your assets from different perspectives. Most financial topics are diverse and often call for specific knowledge and relevant experience.

From capital markets through to tax matters, from asset succession through to real estate questions. We take the trust which our customers place in us and our consulting services very seriously. Expert teams with very specific know-how and many years of experiences are therefore available for individual topics in important special areas and for advisory discussions:

  • Capital investment (asset management and individual investments)
  • Transfer of assets
  • Analysis of financial provision and pensions
  • Asset optimisation and liquidity planning
  • Financial solutions
  • Foundation services
  • Real estate services

A three-way meeting - between your customer advisor, the specialist and you yourself - pools specific knowledge, thus producing in-depth and individual solutions.