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The freedom to take quick, flexible and easy action in connection with financial matters is now more important than ever before. Our answer here is called UNIVERS EXKLUSIV.

UNIVERS EXKLUSIV – private banking in new dimensions.

UNIVERS EXKLUSIV is a unique solution model for transparent and first-class investment advice. You make investment decisions yourself. Your customer advisor helps you to make these decisions by providing comprehensive advice.

Based on a flat-rate expenses agreement (UNIVERS EXKLUSIV fee), this new cooperation model therefore promotes an even closer partnership with the customer advisor.

This means in-depth advice regarding all investment questions and an extensive exchange of information without having to think constantly about individual cost items.

In addition to consulting and other services, an attractive basic package (account management, a BankCard and one Visa Infinite credit card per holder) relating to your finances rounds off the range of UNIVERS EXKLUSIV services.


  • Support and advice regarding investment decisions.
  • Extensive portfolio analysis as the basis.
  • Wider access to market information


  • Thanks to the flat-rate expenses agreement (1) (UNIVERS EXKLUSIV fee), you can react quickly and use capital market opportunities free of cost considerations.
  • Exclusively for you, a large product range from our 11 specially selected partners, all assessed by our teams of experts.


  • Clear flat-rate expenses (1) (UNIVERS EXKLUSIV fee).
  • Quarterly reporting regarding your portfolio.
  • In-depth analysis of your investment structure.

Risk warning

What you need to consider as an investor:

  • The consulting services as part of UNIVERS EXKLUSIV are based on a market assessment by financial market experts in Bank Austria Private Banking. However, it is impossible to make a detailed prediction of every market development. In spite of professional advice, losses may therefore occur, especially in the case of a short-term investment horizon.
  • Securities investments generally represent higher investment risks. In particular, there are product-specific risks with financial instruments (liquidity risk, exchange risk, interest risk, credit risk and risk of total loss).
  • The Bank Austria brochure entitled "Information on investments". contains detailed information.

Third-party expenses (1)

The UNIVERS EXKLUSIV fee does not contain all the charges which are invoiced to Bank Austria by third parties, for example cleaning fees, brokers' commissions and issuing premiums for investment fund units which Bank Austria does not receive at the net asset value from the capital investment company. The UNIVERS EXKLUSIV fee also does not include domestic or government levies on securities transactions, for example stamp duties or financial transaction taxes and expenses incurred in the internal relationship of certain products.

Legal information

This marketing communication does not constitute investment advice or a recommendation. In particular, it does not represent an offer or a request to make an investment. Its sole purpose is to provide basic information and cannot replace advice based on the individual conditions and knowledge of the investor.

Every capital investment poses a risk. The value and yield of an investment can suddenly rise or fall to a considerable extent and cannot be guaranteed. Currency fluctuations may also affect the development of the investment. The investor may not get back the total invested sum, for example if the investment was only made for a short period of time. The longer the investment horizon, the less short-term fluctuations have to be considered. Your advisor will be pleased to assist you in finding the right investment strategy for your needs.