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Pension analysis

An examination of a well-earned retirement period may be fairly complex from financial aspects. Making financial provision for a well-earned retirement is essential and calls for long-term planning. However, the actual problem often lies in this long-term orientation. A simple calculation of the pension gap by comparing the last active income with the expected statutory pension payment only reveals half the story in most cases. Not every loss of income gives cause for concern.

A meaningful preview of retirement includes:

  • an in-depth analysis of all assets
  • full consideration of all possible pension payments and other income
  • specification of the probable anticipated monthly expenditure.

Advice by our team of specialists.

The long-term perspective and the complexity of pension provision make a preview interesting when financial planning experts are also involved. Our team of experienced specialists will be pleased to support you in your personal retirement planning. Important questions concerning professional, structured planning for your retirement will be jointly raised and different scenarios will be considered. The result is an in-depth analysis report which may represent a good basis for future investment and pension decisions.