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Financial planning

Bank Austria Private Banking uses an innovative Financial Planning model to analyse your financial assets in depth and objectively, comparing them with your investment objectives and finally leading to a discussion on the implementation of these measures. This gives you a better idea now of where you will probably stand in the years to come.

Financial Planning comes in two versions: classic and premium. Both versions involve a five-stage advisory process. Your Private Banking relationship manager will be pleased to provide you with more details on our Financial Planning model.



Financial planning is the ideal tool for structuring your portfolio of financial and other assets. The individual modules can be used separately or in combination.

After the Financial Planning advisory process you will receive a report describing your financial situation.

Classic analysis will give you:

  • An overall view of your personal financial position
  • A five-year financial projection
  • Liquidity analysis, including a five-year forecast
  • Identification of potentially uncovered risks in the case of accidents, disability or death.
  • A pension scenario
  • The most important considerations for wealth succession planning.
  • Guidelines for your personal needs.

Your relationship manager will also suggest ways for improving your portfolio structure.


Complex portfolios require in-depth analysis. This is available with the Bank Austria Private Banking Premium Service which, against payment of a fee, offers solutions for more detailed and sophisticated structures.

If necessary, one can draw on the expertise of specialists such as notaries, lawyers, tax consultants and real estate trustees.

The benefits of Premium Analysis at a glance:

  • Individual financial planning with a choice of scenarios and projection periods.
  • In-depth analysis for complex financial situations.
  • Clarification of specific questions and, if necessary, involvement of other specialists (e.g. real estate valuation, company retirement planning).
  • Concrete recommendations for action based on results of analyses.
  • Identification of alternative solutions that can be implemented.