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Asset optimisation and liquidity planning

Nowadays, it is a great challenge to invest assets successfully and maintain them in future. In the area of asset optimisation consulting, all assets and liabilities are analysed by our specialist based on an integrated approach. This analysis gains particular significance by evaluating real estate, closed investments and shareholdings. Their economic value is also examined in this respect.

Freely available funds - now and in future

A liquidity assessment forms the basis of all financial planning. This assessment considers different income sources and expenditure areas (e.g. standard of living), as well as anticipated future changes in the income and expenditure situation over a desired period.

What if?

One essential factor in an extensive analysis is a specific scenario calculation which shows, for example, the impact of occupational disability, the start of retirement or planning of a large purchase on liquidity. The fundamental question here is how the asset structure will change in future from the aspect of liquidity.

Advice by our team of specialists

Thanks to liquidity planning and consideration of potential aspects of asset optimisation, you obtain important answers for continuous asset and life planning. Our specialists will be pleased to advise you in this respect and will prepare an in-depth analysis as a basis for further decisions.