The new online banking of Bank Austria.

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The familiar online banking for private customers and companies.

Simplify your day-to-day banking with our new 24You Online banking. You don't need to do anything – just sit back and enjoy the benefits.

Your account – even more personal

With your new Online banking everything becomes even more personal: you can give your accounts their own names. Or you can activate your Personal Finance Manager and receive a detailed daily analysis of your financial status. With a precise breakdown and listing of your income and expenses. For recurring transfers you will no longer need to enter the data yourself: use the auto-complete function to do it. If you have any questions: The Chat & Callback function keeps you in touch with our service advisors. Just send a message or book a callback. You can access these and other useful functions when you switch to our new 24You Online banking!

  • Assigning names to accounts: Call your accounts whatever you want.
  • Account statement: On request, you can receive your account statements digitally in future.
  • You are in charge: Set up your own transfer limit or block the account if you lose
    your debit and savings cards, or they are stolen.


Do you have recurring transfers with different amounts each time? Save the hassle of retyping the IBAN etc. Auto-complete recognises beneficiaries you have already used, stored templates and types of transfers, so you no longer need to re-enter the IBAN.

Screenshot of Auto-completion

What's new?

Humans are creatures of habit. Technical changes in particular can get on our nerves. We are aware of this. That is why we have kept the new 24You Online banking as simple as humanly possible. So that you can complete your banking transactions quickly, without too many unnecessary clicks. Here is a quick list of what's new and where to find it:

Where do I make a transfer?

If you want to transfer money, in future you first go and click on the account you want to transfer the money from. Once you have selected the account and clicked on it, you will see the Transfer button.

Activate and use the Personal Finance Manager

To be able to use your Personal Finance Manager, you first need to activate it. You can do this in your personal settings. To do so, click on Financial Overview, scroll to the end of the page and then select the Activate button.

Chat & Callback

Do you need some information about your banking? Do you want to get in touch quickly with your service advisor? For issues, problems and questions you can choose the quickest way in future: the Chat & Callback function. Through Online banking you have a permanent hotline to us. Smaller points can be sorted out immediately in secure chats. For personal or specific questions you are welcome to arrange a callback from your account manager.

A man is looking on his phone. In the background is a laptop with the Bank Austria Website

What do you need to do to make this change? Nothing!

Your templates and settings are automatically transferred from your old banking to the new 24You Online banking. You can still switch back to the old model. You do not need to give up any of the functions you use. Quite the opposite: you will see Online banking in the new format, with additional options such as personalised information services. New functions are also constantly being added. Such as the easy-to-read dashboard that you can use to manage your Online banking.

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