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Working capital check

The Working Capital Check is an innovative and free advisory service, which aided by a simulation tool analyses the liquidity of your company and offers alternatives for optimising liquidity and earnings.

Target group

Companies with annual sales revenue of more than EUR 3 million.

What you benefit

Active liquidity management is one of the key requirements of business success. It offers protection from financial crises, improves creditworthiness vis-à-vis business partners and supports growth objectives.
Adopting the right approach to working capital can save you a great deal of money. Working capital check shows you where the hidden potential in your company is. It unveils possible weaknesses and provides support in drawing up solutions. This can free up liquidity and at the same time increase return on capital.

How does Working Capital Check work?

This simulation tool is deployed by relationship managers during a consultation.

  • To start things off the liquidity position of your company is displayed: balance sheet figures – i.e. receivables, liabilities and inventories – are used to analyse your working capital.
  • Then the focus turns to the liquidity potential of your company: possible scenarios are played out and the impacts on the most important figures are demonstrated.
  • Finally, your relationship manager will present some instruments to you that are designed to optimise liquidity and which will help you to manage your receivables and liabilities. Solutions are jointly created to improve the liquidity and the profitability of your company.

Your relationship manager at Bank Austria will be happy to help if you have any questions.