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Stress Simulation

What is Stress Simulation?

Many companies are currently suffering from significant fluctuations in orders and/or prices. Stress simulation is an advisory, simulation and analysis tool that enables the impacts of order and price fluctuations on the operating profit and liquidity of companies to be assessed quickly and easily. This new service tool facilitates active liquidity and resources management that can improve creditworthiness vis-à-vis suppliers, business partners and banks and therefore provide support in achieving growth objectives for business.

Order estimates can be rendered more transparent by means of Stress Simulation. The data used for the Stress Simulation is drawn from the company's last statement of financial position analysed by the Bank, along with the income statement.

Based on your business turnover, you and your relationship manager simulate scenarios for your business results and possible responses. Changes in liquidity can also be analysed with this service tool. This makes it possible to reveal the key factors (e.g. trade receivables, trade liabilities, bad debts) influencing liquidity in a best-case / worst-case scenario.

Based on the results of the simulations, companies can draw up specific strategies for their future business policy.

What you benefit

  • The Stress Simulation enables you to gauge the possible impacts of revenue changes on the results of your business, which means (counter) measures can be deployed in good time.
  • Estimates of changes in revenues or prices can be quantified.
  • Additionally, the service tool also highlights the effects that changed terms of payment have on business liquidity.
  • Bad debts and their consequences on liquidity can be identified too.
  • Simulated changes in sales revenue help to reveal bottlenecks in liquidity.
  • In discussions with your relationship manager, the Stress Simulation is used to draw up solutions to optimise your company and market position.

Target group

Small and medium-sized companies with revenues of EUR 3 million to EUR 50 million / year, and medium-sized companies with revenues of up to EUR 250 million / year.

Stress Simulation is a service tool of Bank Austria and is provided to customers free of charge as an advisory service.

Your relationship manager at Bank Austria will be happy to help if you have any questions.