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Industry Check

Where are you in comparison to the competition?

Knowing the competition within your own industry makes you stronger. Those who know not just their own figures but also the corresponding data of rival firms are quickly able to identify their own strengths and potential opportunities for improvement.

With Industry Check you find out how your company fares in comparison to the rest of the industry. It is based on the data of the Austrian Institute for SME Research (KMU Forschung Austria) and provides a representative illustration of the Austrian economy. Figures on

  • earnings and profitability,
  • capital structure and financing as well as
  • turnover

from roughly 80,000 statements of financial position are compared at your request with the individual figures of your company. This means you can find out quickly and easily where your company stands in comparison to the competition, and learn where the potential for change and improvement is.

What you benefit

  • You obtain a quick snapshot of how your company fares in comparison to the rest of the industry.
  • Bank Austria provides you with a transparent and professional breakdown of your financial position data and your position in the industry, together with an economic outlook.
  • During the consultation with your relationship manager, the Industry Check offers a quick overview of the main figures and indicators in your sector. The figures of your company are compared with the figures of your industry.
  • This comparison makes it easy to identify your strengths and also recognise the potential for improvement.
  • Appropriate solutions and measures can be drawn up using this information to optimise your market position.

Your relationship manager at Bank Austria will be happy to provide you with more information.