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Receivables Finance

Purchasing receivables without recourse to the seller is getting more and more important as a financing alternative for both exporters of capital goods and exporters of consumer goods.

In line with the underlying transaction, Bank Austria offers various structured and tailored financing solutions.
However, the main advantages of financing by means of receivable purchases without recourse are the same for all solutions offset:

  • improvement of the liquidity position of the company.
  • risk transferred to Bank Austria (hence no default risk).
  • balance sheet optimization.

Capital goods exporters can take advantage of medium to long-term receivables purchasing, generally covered by a public export credit agency (such as the Oesterreichische Kontrollbank - OeKB).

For exporters of consumer goods as well as commodity traders and producers, financing that involves structured, revolving purchases of receivables with terms from 30 days up to approx. 2 years represents a crucial source of funding.

STEF Receivables Finance
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