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ICF - Finance Instruments Primarily for Small- and Medium-sized Enterprises


Sale of trade accounts receivable to a factoring bank (factor), whereby advances (financing) are given for the receivables (generally amounting to 80% of the invoiced amounts). The remainder of the price is paid when the receivable is paid (to the factor).

In addition to the financing of receivables, factoring also comprises accounts receivable management (dunning/collection) as well as assuming del credere risks (payment default risks) if required (also for the purposes of balance sheet contraction).

Normal market interest rates are used for the financing, which are based on a given indicator (generally 3-month EURIBOR). A factoring fee is charged for accounts receivable management (between 0.25% and 1% of revenue, depending on the number of invoices and the size of the revenue). The factor can also take on the del credere risk (payment default risk) for domestic business and exports. Regardless of the actual length of the outstanding receivable, up to 90% a rate of between 0.15% and 0.25% of the revenue is charged in return for this risk protection.

Target group

Companies with factorable revenue of at least EUR 3 million as well as service, trade and manufacturing companies, with the exception of businesses in construction and related sectors, transportation companies, IT service providers and recruitment firms.


In the Bank Austria Group, FactorBank AG uses factoring to finance your accounts receivable and thus create liquidity. If required, FactorBank AG also takes on the del credere/default risk along with accounts receivable management, which comprises dunning and collection activities.


Trade accounts receivable from other companies.
Payment terms of 30 to 180 days.
Good diversification of receivables and debtors with strong credit ratings


More about Leasing.

Private equity, venture capital and mezzanine capital

Bank Austria has founded BA Private Equity GmbH a subsidiary that coordinates all private equity activities of the banking group.

Primary Functions of BA Private Equity GmbH

Design of new risk capital funds and fundraising (Bank Austria functions as the general partner and core shareholder, shares are also held by additional national and international institutional investors).
Securing the use of the Bank Austria network for the generation of optimal customer benefit and deal flows.
Controlling for the fund management companies and the development of controlling standards.
Marketing for the private equity activities of the UniCredit Group.

The company also acts as a support unit for the group’s independent equity funds. This reduces the burden on the fund management companies, allowing them to focus on their core task, targeted and time-limited equity capital investments (EK Fin, Gründerfonds) and mezzanine financing in the form of subordinated loans (Mezzanin AG) to Austrian companies with high growth potential.

FX and Interest Risk Management

The presence of UniCredit Group on international markets coupled with the professional approach of our local staff make Bank Austria the ideal partner for businesses that are influenced by fluctuations in interest rates, exchange rates or commodity prices.

Corporate Treasury Sales offers all of the products and services that you can rely on when managing financial risks. We can help you in identifying and quantifying your risks, and recommend specific products.

Below you can find a small selection of the instruments on offer.

Since treasury products have complex structures that are not suited for all customers, we definitely recommend that you take advice from an expert with regard to all of the opportunities and risks of the product.

Instruments of interest risk management

Instruments of currency risk management

FX option

Upon payment of a premium the buyer of an FX option is entitled, but not obliged, to buy (call option) or sell (put option) a certain amount of foreign currency at a rate determined in advance (exercise price) and at a future date (European option) or during a specific period (American option). Please note that the Bank does not exercise your option rights without your explicit instruction.

We distinguish between

  • the purchase of FX options that offer a "right" (price hedging instrument - premium expense).
  • the sale of FX options that comprise an "obligation" (not a price hedging instrument - premium income).
  • option strategies (combinations of call and put options).


The growing internationalisation of business and ongoing changes in the regulatory framework require companies to be flexible, respond quickly and take the right decisions. Effective financial controlling systems are therefore crucial to your success in the market.

The BusinessPlanner provides a complete planning structure with business expertise. The planning structure can be extended in line with your needs, and can be used immediately. The planning process is further facilitated by various entry aids, scenarios and assistants.

The BusinessPlanner excels through its high usability, the clarity of its graphic interface and the high technical standard. These are complemented by a professional reporting feature.

To meet the specific requirements of the business world, BusinessPlanner is available in different versions: Basic, Advanced and Professional. Details and program screenshots are available in our BusinessPlanner Broschüre (pdf 3.5 MB, available in German only).

The benefits of BusinessPlanner

Professional financial controlling in your company.
Effective planning while sparing resources.
Evaluations on the future situation of your company at the touch of a button.

QuarterlyReporting: an innovative add-on to the BusinessPlanner

Openness pays off – especially in terms of communication between you and your relationship manager at Bank Austria. Professional business management reporting is essential for gaining access to optimal financing; it creates trust and can improve your credit rating.

In order to provide companies with professional support in preparing regular, up-to-date and qualified reports and budgets, the specialists at Bank Austria have developed the QuarterlyReporting feature.

You can strengthen your company with an integrated, automated and supported budgeting process, and you can gain a competitive advantage through faster response times based on up-to-date data and an overview of your liquidity.