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Automated Payment Transactions

Electronic Banking

Access - right now! Information when you need it, action when necessary - regardless of bank opening hours.

The Electronic Banking products of Bank Austria are ideal tools designed for you to take control of managing the liquidity of your own company. Our reliable services optimally aligned to customer needs focus on up-to-date account information and the efficient execution of your domestic and international payment orders.

Whether we are talking about small or large, national or international firms, or corporations with centralised or decentralised structures - Bank Austria has the right answer for you.

Physical data media

V3 EDIFACT (Electronic Data Interchange for Administration Commerce & Transport) format must be used for payment orders submitted on physical data media.

Contact for domestic payments Contact for foreign payments 
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Accounting / Assistant (Return Data Media)

With the aid of the AccountingAssistant you can receive summary accounting entries on your accounts via electronic media. This service facilitates the automated reconciliation of open items in the financial accounting unit.


  • Automated accounting system to process your accounting entry data automatically into accounting records
  • The collection or the provision of the data is effected via the eBanking solutions BusinessNet or BusinessLine, MultiCash, but also via ECODEX (IBM Mailbox), FTP, encoded emails or physical data carriers.
  • An AccountingAssistant agreement with Bank Austria.
  • An account held at Bank Austria.


  • Reduction of the volume of manual voucher processing.
  • Time-saving process.
  • Optimisation of payment transactions and financial management.

Our electronic banking team will be happy to provide you with further information.

Credit truncation

Under this procedure only the data of a credit receipt, relevant for accounting purposes and including the numeric multi-purpose field, is entered manually and forwarded to you via the AccountingAssistant (Retourdatenträger). The paper receipt remains at the receiving bank.

The technical requirements for this procedure are a complete coding line and the special receipt type, on the basis of which the receipt data will be subject to a check digit calculation. If the data is incorrect, a receipt will be forwarded. You will be able to reconcile automatically the open items in your financial accounting by means of the data received through the AccountingAssistant.

Our electronic banking team will be happy to provide you with further information.

IMAGE Belegservice (record scanning service)

With the aid of IMAGE Belegservice you can receive your physical account receipts via BusinessNet, other data transmission solutions (ECODEX, Connect:Direct, Sonder-DFÜ) or via data carrier in digital form. This service facilitates the electronic archiving of receipts.

Companies with a high percentage of payment credits benefit substantially from Image Belegservice's efficient handling of all their accounting receipts.


  • Account receipts are provided in digital form.
  • The receipt images reach you faster than paper receipts.
  • Images complement the electronic account statement (MT940).
  • The electronic archiving of receipt data is possible.


  • An account held at Bank Austria.
  • The “IMAGE light” application for the search and display of your images will be provided free of charge.
  • Our electronic banking team will be happy to provide you with further information.

Direct debiting

This service allows you to collect regular payments (such as rent, monthly bills, fees, etc.) directly from the account of the payer with the authorisation of the payer, and therefore to determine the time of payment (execution of the direct debit order) yourself. This makes it easier to manage incoming payments and reduces your workload for collecting late payments.

Your Bank Austria relationship manager will be happy to provide you with more information on this service.

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