With the GoToAssist remote access tool, our electronic banking specialists can provide even better assistance for your requests and problems.

Issues that could often only be resolved by telephone in the past can now be solved more easily with a shared screen view using GoToAssist. GoToAssist establishes a direct connection between your computer and the computer of one of our electronic banking specialists, allowing screen content to be transmitted in both directions.


  • The connection is secured with 128-bit AES encryption
  • No third-party programs are installed on your computer
  • Your computer cannot be accessed without your express consent
  • It is not possible for data to be removed from your computer on an unauthorised and undetected basis
  • It is not possible to launch, delete, copy, or make changes to programs on an unauthorised and undetected basis

Terms of use
The entire GoToAssist session is recorded by Bank Austria for monitoring and auditing purposes. Bank Austria assumes no liability whatsoever for disruptions it does not cause, even if they occur within a short time after the provided support.
→ Terms of use for GoToAssist (PDF)

Please contact the electronic banking hotline for more information: +43 (0)5 05 05 26200.

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