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Russia at a Glance
  • Capital city: Moscow
  • Administrative divisions: 7 federal zones, 89 federal subjects, 21 republics, 7 regions, 49 areas, 2 federal cities, 10 autonomous districts
  • Population: 143 million
  • Currency: Russian ruble (RUR), 1 Russian ruble = 100 Kopeks
  • Languages: Russian
  • Dialling code for int. phone calls:
  • Internet country code: .ru


UniCredit in Russia

UniCredit Bank Figures as of 30 September 2012:
Total assets: EUR 19 billion
Branches: 107

UniCredit Bank is a commercial bank, specialised in providing services to corporate and private clients, as well as in corporate financing and treasury operations.

With a market share of 1.9%, the bank is number 8 on the Russian banking market.

Prechistenskaya embankment 9
119034 Moscow
 +7 495 2587258
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 Cross Border Services available in Russia  
  • Cross Border Account Opening
  • Cross Border Cash Management
  • Cross Border Plus Credit