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Account Opening

Opening an account in a foreign country might turn out to be a real challenge. As a UniCredit Group customer you can relax because supported by your relationship manager "at home" you take advantage of a transparent process and clearly described requirements.

A Standardized Request Form in combination with a structured referral process remarkably accelerates the time until you receive your new account number abroad. Especially for a non-resident it is important that he does not have to appear physically in a target country just to sign a couple of documents. We are able to offer this comfortable service to you for a major number of countries in our UniCredit Group network.

UniCredit Group and especially your relationship manager can assist you with the following services/information/tools to open an account the speedy way:

  • Our Network banks offer all national account opening documents in English Language or even in bilingual form for a better understanding


  • All relationship managers have access to a detailed account opening information for every network bank, i.e. a compilation of all documents you have to present in order to open an account (for every country / bank of our UniCredit Group network) saving you time


  • All internal documents of our network bank you need to sign when opening an account will already be prefilled by our network bank before you sign them


  • Wherever legally possible our network banks accept a so-called "internal bank confirmation", i.e. your home bank issues a confirmation covering all documents - like the registration of your company, the signatures and ID of your representatives - without having to present these documents in original to our network bank.


  • Our unique Human Network enables all our relationship managers to get in contact with exactly the right person in UniCredit Group to obtain the best and speediest information for your requests.

Please contact your relationship manager for any questions you might have!

In case you are not yet a customer of UniCredit Group please direct your inquiries to:


or choose your contact from the  country list.