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New Art from New Europe

A group exhibition of young artists from Bosnia-Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Austria, Romania, Serbia-Montenegro, Slovakia, and Slovenia

Berenice Darrer
"Out of Sight"
oil on canvas

"CENTRAL New Art from New Europe" is a joint art initiative of Bank Austria, Siemens Austria, and Vienna's Galerie Ernst Hilger. The project was launched in 2000 as a platform for young, talented artists from the Central and Southeast European region.

Group exhibits will offer young artists from participating countries an opportunity to present their works in all these countries. The group of young artists who work in the fields of painting, drawing, photography, and video art is exchanged and expanded regularly. Accordingly, the selection of the works on display is also adapted to the respective exhibition spaces.

Thus, influences from neighboring Central and East European countries combine to expand the artist’s own respective cultural area and bring them into contact with the international art market.

As the leading banking group in Central and Eastern Europe, Bank Austria places great importance on its active involvement in the cultural life in this region and on promoting dialog. The CENTRAL cooperation project achieves this aim in the field of visual arts by fostering the cultural and social integration of Austria and the countries of Central and Eastern Europe into a united Europe through an active, in-depth exchange of ideas.

Within the framework of the "CENTRAL New Art from New Europe" project, exhibitions have already been staged at 18 Central and Southeast European locations so far. Most recently, it was shown at the Teatrul National in Bucharest, Galerija Škuc in Ljubljana, Galerija Klovićevi dvori in Zagreb, and at the "Tresor" of Bank Austria´s Kunstforum in Vienna.

The next journey of "CENTRAL New Art from New Europe" leads to four countries. First in line was Sarajevo on March 6, 2006, followed by Bratislava (May), Sofia (June), and Belgrade (September/October). 

On the occasion of this exhibition series, we would like to introduce you to the participating artists from three different countries with a short interview and examples of their latest works.

 Berenice Darrer
 Erik Binder
 Miha Strukelj
 Krassimir Terziev
 Slavica Lazic Dundas
 Zlatan Filipovic