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Our employees

Fulfilling our ambitions together

The many challenges which we set ourselves every day have enabled our Group to grow into one of Europe's leading financial institutions.

We now have a presence in more than 22 countries on five continents, which allows us to assist our customers worldwide with their projects and provide them with UniCredit's expertise in every possible area of business.

These figures reveal one of our greatest strengths: diversity.

Diversity is one of our Integrity Charter's key aspects and the values on which it is based – freedom, fairness, respect, reciprocity, transparency and trust. Every day we apply all these principles in a concrete manner.

Our employees are the keys to our success!

We realise that we can only secure long-term, sustained growth if we invest in our employees. This is the only way we will be able to face the challenges presented by an increasingly complex market.

This is why we vigorously promote continuing professional development and offer all our employees numerous opportunities to regularly extend and specifically utilise their skills.

Our employee investment strategy is built on three pillars:

  • promoting and developing our Group identity in accordance with the fundamental values enshrined in our Integrity Charter;
  • promoting and developing leadership qualities by means of our "Executive Development Plan" (an employee development scheme that helps our organisation to better master daily challenges by investing in appropriate resources) and strengthening our core expertise;
  • promoting an informal method of working by forming relationship networks in which employees can exchange experiences and know-how.
    These three cornerstones reflect how very seriously we take our employees' professional development and wellbeing. But we have a higher objective: we are absolutely determined to make our Group one of the most innovative forces in the European banking sector.

To achieve this we have instigated a variety of initiatives in five important areas:

  • Career opportunities
  • Professional development and performance review
  • Training opportunities
  • Employee commitment
  • Development of leadership qualities

These initiatives help us

  • to be a reliable, successful and valued employer;
  • to be an organisation guided and led by specific values;
  • to create a long-term vision and a steady course for sustained growth;
  • to offer a challenging work environment based on the principle of empowerment and which provides opportunities for development and training in all areas of the financial world.