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Diversity as the basis for corporate success

Bank Austria employs a multitude of people from different backgrounds and cultures, speaking different languages, practising different religions, from different educational backgrounds, in different states of health and with different sexual orientations. Mutual regard, openness and recognition of and regard for differences are an integral part of Bank Austria's corporate culture and are enshrined in the Integrity Charter, which applies to the whole UniCredit.

Diversity – esteem for differences and individuality

"Diversity" is understood to be the phenomenon of diversity, positive regard for the diverse nature of people where gender, skin colour, language, ethnic, cultural and religious values, family status, age, social status and sexual orientation are concerned.

All these differences exist within the UniCredit, which is why we should pay particular attention to diversity and not see these differences as a disadvantage, but acknowledge them and hold them in high regard. Utilising the potential that results from this diversity and concomitant individuality is our watchword.

Key to lasting success

At the forefront lies the recognition that utilising all these different qualities and talents, in other words every facet of employees' personalities, is the key to UniCredit's lasting success and not mere well-meaning social responsibility for employees.

In addition to the indubitably important internal corporate aspect, diversity is also very important outside the company. Diversity relates to every person in a society.

For a service company like UniCredit, recognising customer diversity and addressing customer needs to the requisite extent is necessary not only from the business management standpoint, but also from the ethical and humanitarian points of view.