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Trust as the foundation for our customers
We want to ensure that we are the bank of choice for our customers by putting their interests first in all of our activities. 

Trust and a well established culture of service are the basis of our customer relations. Together with our customers, we want to establish a shared foundation based on quality, mutual trust, know-how and transparency.

Appreciation and respect for our employees
We offer our employees the possibility to advance their careers and we recognise their achievements and professional success. We want to be the ideal employer for competent, motivated employees, and we value their opinions and feedback.

We appreciate our employees’ individuality. We encourage respect for the diversity of cultures and backgrounds within the Group. The basic principle of freedom with regard to religion, political views, sexual orientation and culture must always be respected.

Sustainable profits for our shareholders
We must generate sustainable profit through our business activities. We want our shareholders and markets to be satisfied with our results and proud of the way in which we achieve these results.

We want to take a leading position in terms of profitability and growth. We will achieve this leading position with a distinctive entrepreneurial approach that is completely in line with the legal framework and the principles set forth in our Integrity Charter.

Innovations for cities and municipalities
We want to be seen as a strong and innovative banking group that can offer the cities and municipalities in which we operate the best options to support their development. We are an active corporate citizen: The Group promotes sustainable economic growth and social responsibility everywhere that it operates.

We fulfil this responsibility by being fully aware of our geographic roots and of our important role in society and the cities and municipalities in which we operate.

Group-wide campaigns and projects
As part of UniCredit Group, Bank Austria participates in the Group’s campaigns and projects and at the same time sets the course for the development of sustainability and responsibility in Austria.

Bank Austria has implemented numerous measures in order to ensure the sustainability of its business model and fulfil its social responsibility. We want to embody our values, and Bank Austria is continuously progressing in order to achieve this.