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Our commitment to sustainability

Responsibility and sustainability are the cornerstone of our understanding.

Sustainability is central to the mission and operation of UniCredit Group. We are working to ensure that our efforts in and approach to the important field of sustainability will continue to be harmonized, streamlined and rationalized in order to generate synergies beneficial to both our stakeholders and the world around us.

The framework we have developed to explain and analyze our sustainability agenda is based on four key pillars, which are the starting point for the extension and rationalization of our activities relating to sustainability.

The four pillars of sustainability are:

  • Long-term value creation: the creation of long-term economic value greater than the underlying cost of capital is the essential prerequisite to maintaining a sustainable financial enterprise;
  • Customer loyalty: in all of its facets, customer loyalty is fundamental to revenue and EVA growth in the long run;
  • Governance: we are working to build a robust system of governance that: Enforces transparency, is based on an effectiveness, supports our business model and our approach to sustainable growth;
  • Values, identity and people management: we are now focusing our attention on managing our employees, developing our group-wide identity and identifying with our shared set of values, known within UniCredit Group as the Integrity Charter.

The influences of these pillars overlap and combine to produce UniCredit Group’s core of sustainability-based assets, generating benefits and long-term value.

We continue to generate sustainable value in the long term for our stakeholders by embedding sustainable practices in the day-to-day working life, decision-making processes, operational and business structures of UniCredit Group.