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Word associations with the CS Team

The CS-Team on...  

Roman Jost

Fred Luks


Andrea Strohmayer

2030   A long way off A totally different world from today’s. Hopefully one that is sustainable.
  My wish: a world without wars and without starving children.
Ecological footprint   Too large An important concept for measuring environmental impact and something that is probably much too high for everyone who works at Bank Austria.   Mine is definitely much too large, but I’m working on it.
Financial crisis   Actually an opportunity? Still a huge problem – with one aspect that is interesting in terms of sustainability: the fact that responsibility is becoming more important.
  By no means over.
Your favourite plant

  Grass Two: roses and calla lilies   Crimson roses
Your personal contribution to climate protection   No meat I don’t own a car or eat meat.
  Taking my bike instead of my car more and more often
Your special project  

 gemmas an ... (Let’s get started)

… and let’s keep going.


 Wissen teilen ... (Sharing Knowledge ...)

... a very important project at Bank Austria with which the bank is making a positive impact on society – and learning a great deal from society.


 Gift Matching Programm ...

... my pet project, I am extremely passionate about this project and hope that we can collect even more donations.