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Our people

Our Human Resources mission is to create an environment where our people generate sustainable value for our customers, feel great about our European company and are connected with the communities we live in.

We strive to develop the potential and skills of employees to keep their motivation high and promote diversity because investing in people is crucial for our sustainability.

Listening & dialogue
As a Group, we are dedicated to being a great place to work. We involve our people regularly collecting their point of view and their suggestions to make sure we are on the right track.

Wellbeing & work-life balance
Our commitment to creating an inclusive environment includes our efforts to guarantee a safe work environment, promote employee well-being and help people effectively manage professional and personal challenges.

Diversity & inclusion
We continue to build on the guiding principles of the Joint Declaration on Equal Opportunity and Non Discrimination, with the European Works Council.

Training & development
Investing in the development of professional competence is a priority for UniCredit because highly skilled employees are a fundamental element for offering an excellent service to our customers.