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Sharing Knowledge programme

We actively incorporate our competence

Sharing Knowledge is a programme aimed at more clearly aligning Bank Austria’s social commitment with its core business. What are the key elements of a bank’s core business? Money, knowledge and trust – so it is important to us to incorporate our business competence into our social efforts. After all, sharing our knowledge with society is an important step in building trust.

Specific examples include our participation in research projects and collaborations with institutions of higher learning. And we create opportunities for open discussions about important social issues. Our commitment is not limited to financial support (a factor that is very important) – we actively incorporate our competence. This applies to our involvement in the field of research as well as to public lectures that we organise in cooperation with the University of Vienna, for example.

"Zukunft Denken" event series

Dennis Meadows, Author of "Limits to Growth" (middle) with Anton Kolarik (Bank Austria, Head of Identity und Communicatons, left) und Fred Luks (Bank Austria Sustainabilitymanager, right)

And we initiated the very successful Zukunft Denken (Thinking for the Future) event series together with the Club of Rome’s European Support Centre. For us, all of this is part of Sharing Knowledge. In the future, we want to increase our efforts in imparting economic competence to children and young people as part of this programme (keyword: financial literacy).

Sharing Knowledge also corresponds to Bank Austria’s understanding of sustainability: We see sustainable development as an ongoing process of searching and learning. The exchange of ideas, mutual understanding and discussions are extremely important for this process. To this end, we regularly exchange ideas with our important stakeholders.