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Austrian & International Initiatives

Austrian Initiatives


International Initiatives




Bank Austria is a founding member of ÖGUT, the Austrian Society for Environment and Technology. Key objectives of this society are the initiation and promotion of solutions that benefit the environment and the economy and improving communication between the various interest groups in society.



Bank Austria is a sponsoring member of ÖVA, the Austrian Society for the Management of Contaminated Sites. The primary goal of ÖVA is the promotion of integrative solutions for the treatment and rehabilitation of contaminated sites and the promotion of communication and collaboration between the experts who are active in this area.


ÖNORM Workgroup (Arbeitskreis ÖNORM)

The ÖNORM workgroup also deals with contaminated sites and is responsible for a new standard covering the “Documentation and Assessment of the Environmental Conditions during Property Valuation – Subsequent Use and Cost Calculation for Brownfields".

This ÖNORM standard is intended to govern the valuation of abandoned or idle sites that have previously been used for industrial, commercial or military purposes, of brownfields in urban and residential areas, and of land used for infrastructural installations.

Bank Austria is a member of this workgroup.


Austrian Business Council for sustainable Development 

The Austrian Business Council for Sustainable Development is an association of leaders of large Austrian companies who have set themselves the goal of using their leverage to instill the business principle of sustainability in the economy through integrating it into their own companies and, more broadly, through the spreading of ideas. 

respACT austria

This association is a point of contact for all issues concerning the practical application of sustainability, corporate social responsibility (CSR) and business ethics. It enables companies to exchange information and experiences and to work together on common issues and projects. Bank Austria is a member of respACT austria.


Energy and Cost Saving Initiative

The year 2005 saw the launch of the energy and cost saving initiative of bauMax, Bank Austria and the Austrian Ministry of Life. An important contribution to environmental protection has already been made through the dissemination of practical information on environmentally friendly building methods and low-energy devices and equipment for the household. This is important because Austria’s households are responsible for around one-third of the country’s CO2 emissions.


The European CABERNET project (Concerted Action on Brownfield and Economic Regeneration Network) that was launched in 2001 has the objective of establishing a Europe-wide competence network on the rehabilitation of industrial brownfield sites and the economic regeneration of urban areas.




Bank Austria und Creditanstalt signed the UNEP Statement by Financial Institutions on the Environment and Sustainable Development in 1993. Through the UniCredit Group, Bank Austria is still an active participant in UNEP FI, the financial initiative of the United Nations Environment Programme.


UNEP CEE Task Force

On the joint initiative of several institutions including Bank Austria, which operates the leading international bank network in the growth region of Central and Eastern Europe (CEE) as a member of UniCredit Group, a CEE taskforce was created under the auspices of UNEP. The goal of this taskforce is to promote an awareness of the connection between environmental issues and banking transactions in the CEE countries.


Global Compact

The Global Compact is an international initiative that was started by former United Nations secretary general Kofi Annan. The initiative seeks to promote fundamental social and ecological principles around the world through cooperation with businesses, unions, private sector organisations and the United Nations.

Bank Austria is a member of the Global Compact through UniCredit Group.