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Ecological Commitment

Ecology at Bank Austria

A wide range of tasks have been defined within Bank Austria to facilitate healthy internal operational ecology and to increase the bank’s own eco-efficiency. These measures are part of a holistic sustainability concept.

By applying this approach, Bank Austria is striving to reduce its resource usage and to significantly cut costs while increasing efficiency over the long term. Legal compliance allows risks to be avoided and also underscores the bank’s position as a positive role model in the area of sustainability.

Eco-Efficient Business Operations
The set-up of a continuous control system ensures consistently sustainable business operations at all levels of the bank. One concrete element of this is the continual monitoring of usage statistics.

With regards to the use of energy, we have already considerably reduced our power consumption per employee, and our disposal concept is bringing us steadily closer to our goal of maximum savings in this area as well. The energy optimisation measures implemented for the ventilation systems at Praterstern administrative centre were selected by the Austrian Federal Economic Chamber as a prime example of best practices.

Operations ecology data 2008

 Total energy consumption in kWh    152,500,000
 CO2 in tonnes (excl. business travel)    23,549
 Waste in tonnes (total)    2,382
     Landfill    -
     Incineration    469.0
     Recovery    1.,716.9
 Recycling in tonnes    100
 Special refuse in kg    -
 Water consumption in m3  1)    363,904
 Paper consumption in tonnes    1067
 Travel CO2 in tonnes    5,565
 Travel in km 2)    22,840,392

1) Including drinking water and water for industrial use
2) Comprises all business trips by aircraft, train, private car and company-owned cars of Bank Austria

Environmental Standards
Environmental considerations are key criteria in procurement (office materials, equipment, cleaning supplies).

"Healthy Office" Project
All of our office furnishings and equipment are selected and set up in accordance with the latest ergonomic principles and findings.

Sustainability Network
We operate a so-called sustainability network covering every area of Bank Austria to coordinate all of these activities.