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Climate neutral driving

Bank Austria launches climate neutral driving

Bank Austria's customer advisers are to be more climate-friendly drivers in future.

Reducing emissions through fuel-conscious driving
103 cars in Bank Austria's fleet are to be replaced over the next four years. Alongside fuel consumption, emission values will be a key factor deciding which new vehicles will be purchased in future. Volkswagen's TDI Blue Motion series was selected for the first 13 cars being purchased n 2008. Both models in the series have CO2 emission values of less than 120 g/km and are therefore two of the vehicles eligible for a EUR 300 bonus from the Federal government as of 1 July 2008. All the vehicles are also fitted with a diesel particulate filter.

Although the new models are already fuel efficient, consumption is to be further reduced by training employees in fuel-saving driving techniques. Courses will be offered to customer advisers from this summer onwards. Consumption can be cut by up to 25 percent by changing gear at the right time, utilising rolling phases and making optimum use of the vehicle technology. With an average mileage of 20,000 km a year, this represents a saving of EUR 400 a year per vehicle.

According to the latest calculations, the acquisition of energy efficient and low emission vehicles should ultimately reduce CO2 emissions from Bank Austria's fleet of company cars by 45 tonnes and reduce diesel consumption by 15,000 litres.