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Amundi Ethik Fund ausgewogen:
Investing in sustainability with UniCredit Bank Austria


  • The investment fund “Amundi Ethik Fonds ausgewogen” invests worldwide in equities and bonds that meet the criteria of an ethical investment
  • The investments follow the standards of the UN Global Compact Code of Conduct and the UN Sustainable Development Goals
  • Exclusive subscription opportunity for UniCredit Bank Austria customers from 1 June to 24 July 2020

Sustainable management is becoming increasingly important in times of global climate threats and worldwide pandemics. Amundi, Europe's largest investment company, is issuing the “Amundi Ethik Fonds ausgewogen”, an investment fund that can contribute to the creation of a sustainable and ethically responsible economy by investing in assets that comply with defined requirements for social, human and ecological responsibility.

Investments are made in shares and bonds that meet the multi-stage selection process according to the criteria of an ethical investment. This multi-stage selection process takes into account strict filter criteria regarding climate and ESG data as well as defined exclusion criteria. The mixed equity/bond fund invests up to a maximum of 60 percent in global equities and at least 40 percent in Euro-denominated bonds of high credit quality (investment grade) and on the money market (liquidity).

Mauro Maschio, Member of the Management Board ‘Privatkundenbank’ of UniCredit Bank Austria, emphasises: “Even before the Corona crisis, we saw sustainable investments as a megatrend for the future and believe that the crisis and the associated scepticism about developments in the context of globalisation has even accelerated the trend towards sustainable investments. Government economic stimulus packages, which invest primarily in areas designed to promote a transition to a low-carbon economy, will also contribute to this trend.” And Gabriele Tavazzani, CEO of Amundi Austria, adds: “Sustainability remains a central investment topic and may become even more important after the crisis. In the current situation, investment funds with a sustainable orientation and diversified investment strategy could offer particularly interesting opportunities - from private investors to institutional investors.”

The multi-stage filter system
The basis for the investment of the “Amundi Ethik Fonds ausgewogen” is the ESG screening of Amundi, a combination of external and in-house research:

  • ESG-related rating: Amundi's ESG team works with reputable rating agencies to assign ESG ratings to companies and sovereigns. These have different focuses and approaches. The ratings are based on cross-sectoral and sector-specific criteria, such as ESG score, controversial activities, controversies, climate-related data and CO2 emissions. The weakest ESG profiles* (ESG = Environmental, Social, Governance) are excluded.
  • Additional exclusion criteria for companies in controversial business areas such as the production of weapons, tobacco, high-proof alcohol, gambling, nuclear energy, pornography, furs and fossil fuels that tolerate violations of human or labor rights and child labor, or exhibit general misconduct such as unacceptable business practices or controversial environmental practices. States that meet more than 10 percent of their energy needs from nuclear power, that have nuclear weapons or an authoritarian regime, that have below-average climate protection, do not sufficiently combat corruption and money laundering and human rights violations, have a high arms budget, maintain the death penalty and have not ratified the UN Convention on Biological Diversity are also excluded.

Shares and bonds that are filtered out by at least one of the three levels are systematically excluded from an investment. In accordance with UniCredit Bank Austria's criteria for sustainable investment products, only companies and countries within a sector with a corresponding sustainable orientation are included in the fund's investment universe.

Exclusive subscription period for customers of UniCredit Bank Austria from 1 June to 24 July 2020
Customers of UniCredit Bank Austria have the opportunity to subscribe to this fund during the subscription period from 1 June to 24 July 2020, before the fund officially starts on 27 July. Fund units can also be purchased at any time thereafter.

The issue in detail:

Amundi Ethik Fund ausgewogen


AT0000A2GGQ6 (distributed annually at the end of September)

AT0000A2GGM5 (accumulating)


Amundi Austria


Investment currency of the fund:            EUR
Settlement currency:   EUR

Subscription period Bank Austria:         

until 24 July 2020 / no later than 14:45
Minimum investment: EUR 1.000,- (excluding purchase costs of UniCredit Bank Austria)

Initial share value on the issue date:       

EUR 100 per share (excluding purchase costs of UniCredit Bank Austria)
Purchase costs Bank Austria:  3.5 %
Current costs of the fund:  probably 1.27% p.a. according to the customer information document as of 02.06.2010
Fund launch:            27 July, 2020
Selling expenses Bank Austria:   0.75 % of the selling value (at least 23,50 Euro)



This promotional information does not constitute investment advice and does not constitute an offer or recommendation to buy, sell or hold the funds mentioned, nor is it a solicitation of such an offer. It is initial information and does not replace any advice that takes into account your individual circumstances and knowledge.

The customer information document and the published full prospectus of the aforementioned fund in its current version in German, including all changes since the initial announcement, are available to the interested party free of charge at the management company (Amundi Austria GmbH, Schwarzenbergplatz 3, 1010 Vienna, Austria) and at UniCredit Bank Austria AG, Rothschildplatz 1, 1020 Vienna, as well as at all branches of UniCredit Bank Austria AG. The legal documents of the aforementioned fund are also available to the interested party at http://download.fonds.at (see fund documents).

Every investment in securities is associated with risks: Investment value and income can fluctuate suddenly and to a considerable extent. Currency fluctuations can also influence the price development. Larger losses, in exceptional circumstances up to the loss of the entire capital, are possible. The recommended minimum investment period must therefore be observed. The interested party should consult a tax advisor regarding the concrete tax effects of the investment before subscription. The tax treatment depends on the personal circumstances of the investor and may be subject to change in the future.

Our brochure "Summary of the Guidelines for Handling Conflicts of Interest and Disclosure of Benefits" provides information on Bank Austria's basic approach to conflicts of interest and the disclosure of benefits. Your advisor will be pleased to provide you with detailed information.

This document may not be issued to "US persons" (Regulation S of the US Securities Act 1933). "US-Persons" must not be given the product in question or be given advice on it.

This marketing communication was prepared by UniCredit Bank Austria AG, Rothschildplatz 1, 1020 Vienna.

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