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UniCredit Bank Austria again provides 100,000 Euros for cultural crowdfunding

  • UniCredit Bank Austria – in cooperation with the crowdfunding platform “wemakeit” – is supporting cultural projects from all over Austria for the sixth time with a total of 100,000 euros
  • Since 2015, the local cultural scene supported by UniCredit Bank Austria has financed a total of 170 projects with over 1.5 million euros
  • This year’s crowdfunding campaign to start on 19 May 2020
  • Support for art and culture particularly important due to the current Corona crisis

Since 2015, UniCredit Bank Austria has supported local cultural projects in cooperation with the crowdfunding platform “wemakeit”, Austria's most successful “reward based” crowdfunding initiative. Each year, UniCredit Bank Austria provides a total of 100,000 euros for cultural projects of social relevance.

Over the past five years, around 170 projects were successfully implemented, with a total investment of half a million euros. They have benefited from a total community of over 14,000 supporters. Last year alone, 36 projects were financed by around 3,000 supporters. In total, approx. 336,000 euros were raised. The average financing targets of 9,500 euros were exceeded by over 500 euros. Every euro of support from UniCredit Bank Austria was thus more than tripled, making the crowdfunding initiative an anchor in the local cultural scene.

“Especially in the current situation that is very difficult for all those working in the cultural sector, due to the severely limited possibilities of reaching an audience, private cultural support initiatives gain a special significance”, emphasises Robert Zadrazil, CEO of UniCredit Bank Austria. “The fact that our crowdfunding initiative tripled every euro of funding last year shows the great importance of the initiative as a whole – an initiative that makes an important contribution to the emergence of a crowdfunding community and a new cultural network. As one of the country's leading private sponsors of culture, we have also anchored crowdfunding in our Social Impact Banking initiative, with which we support, among other things, companies and organisations that provide measurable social benefits for a better and fairer society.“

Especially projects in the field of art and culture are in the focus, because of the diversity aspect that is so important for the “Social Impact Banking” initiative: From small music projects to festivals and cultural spaces, a wide variety of projects are realized that would hardly have a chance of being funded without the support of crowdfunding.

How does crowdfunding support work?
Within the framework of crowdfunding, UniCredit Bank Austria provides a total of 100,000 euros for projects throughout Austria. The bank pays particular attention to young and innovative projects of social relevance and sustainability.

Each successful crowdfunding campaign receives a third of its total financing from UniCredit Bank Austria – up to a maximum of 5,000 euros. The requirement is the financing of the first third by at least 20 supporters. The last third must then again be financed by its own network – the crowd. Once the campaign is successfully completed, the total amount will be paid out.

“wemakeit” as a strong partner
The crowdfunding platform “wemakeit” is again a partner of UniCredit Bank Austria this year. It was founded in 2012 as an artists' initiative in Switzerland and has developed into one of the largest and most successful crowdfunding platforms in Europe, thanks to its personal support and focus on creative projects.

Start of participation and information
19 May 2020, every interested project will have the opportunity to opt and prepare for a crowdfunding campaign supported by UniCredit Bank Austria at http://wemakeit.com. Once the project page has been set up and activated, the projects receive feedback from the “wemakeit” project coaches, and the decision as to whether the campaign can be carried out with the support of UniCredit Bank Austria or not. As soon as the project gets the “green light”, it can start from 19 May 2020 at a time of own choice. Further information on the conditions of participation are available at http://crowdfunding.bankaustria.at.

Participating projects also have the opportunity to participate in webinars and online tutorials on crowdfunding campaigns on the “wemakeit” website. Dates will be published on time at https://wemakeit.com/pages/bankaustria.

Information on crowdfunding supported by UniCredit Bank Austria and the dates can also be found at http://crowdfunding.bankaustria.at.

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