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“From the couch”:
Already more than 100 local small companies are promoting their business ideas via online video, supported by UniCredit Bank Austria

  • In times of the Corona crisis, UniCredit Bank Austria encourages local small businesses to present their business activities online
  • Over 100 small businesses, self-employed and creative people have already produced and submitted their online video and are supported by UniCredit Bank Austria 

Since 7 March, local small businesses, self-employed and creative individuals have been able to submit short "How to..." videos on various topics and thus digitize their business ideas. Of course, participants can also use the online videos to present and promote themselves or their company. This is because each video also includes contact, product and service information and thus supports the video producers or their company in the current exceptional situation. For each video that is put online, the producer of the video receives an expense compensation from UniCredit Bank Austria as well as help with the professional production of the video.
This simple idea of UniCredit Bank Austria has really taken off in times of the Corona lockdown: More than 100 self-employed people and micro-enterprises have already sent in videos - on topics as diverse as yoga, cooking, handicrafts, fitness, household, digital work and even instructions on how to produce face masks by yourself.
UniCredit Bank Austria has thus created a platform on which local, creative small businesses can present themselves in the digital environment. In addition, UniCredit Bank Austria is also promoting the initiative together with the online magazine BAM!, thereby creating publicity for the videos submitted.
"We were convinced from the very beginning that there are many great ideas that bring people closer together in these challenging times," says Robert Zadrazil, CEO of UniCredit Bank Austria. "This crisis, like any other, also offers opportunities. Small, creative companies can use the time to reposition themselves in the digital space. With our initiative around 'From the Couch' videos, we are helping to support local communities to present creative alternatives to keep life moving despite the current restrictions".

How does it work
Local small businesses, artists & freelancers can easily register on the UniCredit Bank Austria website www.bankaustria.at/von-der-couch-aus.jsp to produce so-called “How-to...” videos with their smartphones. As soon as the concept for their videos is approved, participants will receive instructions on how to easily film the videos in their own four walls - even without previous filming experience.

There are no limits to the ideas for such videos: Participants can be cooks, yoga teachers, zero waste & sustainability experts as well as tinkerers, designers and many more.  

The “From the couch” videos are published daily in the online magazine BAM!, which is a media partner of UniCredit Bank Austria’s, and on its YouTube channel. They are also posted on various other social media channels so that they reach as many people as possible throughout Austria.

UniCredit Bank Austria Media Relations
Volker Moser, Tel.: +43 (0)5 05 05-52854;
Email: volker.moser@unicreditgroup.at