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Covid-19 health prevention:
Despite relaxation of measures, there are still numerous alternatives to branch visits for senior citizens

  • As part of health prevention, UniCredit Bank Austria still advises senior citizens who want to visit a branch for their banking business to find alternative solutions in the current situation
  • The first way is to contact the customer advisor or the 24h-ServiceLine by phone to inquire about suitable alternatives
  • It is possible to assign persons of close trust for urgently needed banking transactions in the branch either once or permanently

“The health and well-being of our customers and employees is UniCredit Bank Austria’s top priority”, says Mauro Maschio, Member of the Management Board ‘Privatkundenbank’ of UniCredit Bank Austria. “In the current situation, we recommend all senior citizens especially at the end and beginning of the month to continue to contact the bank by telephone instead of going to a branch in order to find alternative ways or to assign a person of their trust for future banking transactions once or permanently.”
Increased customer frequency at the change of month
Regularly at the the end and the beginning of the month a significant increase in customer frequency in the branches can be observed, which further increases the risk of infection with Covid-19. Many senior citizens traditionally carry out their banking transactions either at the last day or the first day of the month at the counter in their bank. These include transfers of rent, electricity or insurance instalments as well as cash withdrawals.
In order to avoid additional risks for senior citizens who are particularly at risk from the new coronavirus, UniCredit Bank Austria advises them to contact the bank by telephone first if they have any questions. It is also possible to assign a person of close trust for urgently needed banking transactions in the branch either on a single or on a permanent basis. When withdrawing money, the presentation of a signed order is required. The representative must identify himself with an official photo ID.  The corresponding forms are available at UniCredit Bank Austria at the branch, online or, upon request by telephone, by e-mail. If personal branch visits cannot be avoided, it is advisable in the current situation to carry out banking transactions on the second and third day of the month. Customers of UniCredit Bank Austria can obtain information on alternative ways of carrying out banking transactions by telephone from their customer relationship manager or via the UniCredit Bank Austria COVID hotline on 050505-26440

UniCredit Bank Austria will continue to actively monitor the situation, always act in everyone's best interests and do the right thing vis a vis all its stakeholders!

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