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UniCredit Bank Austria offers stability packages for Austrian companies

  • The bank supports local companies in the current challenging situation as a reliable partner with its entire financial know-how and targeted measures
  • UniCredit Bank Austria actively advises on the support measures of the Austrian federal government and supports affected companies by providing advice on subsidies
  • UniCredit Bank Austria's advisors work with affected companies to put together individual packages to stabilise their situation, making the best possible use of the programmes and support services currently available
  • UniCredit Bank Austria also offers companies deferrals or bridging loans as part of an overall package in the case of liquidity shortages

The health and well-being of employees and customers is UniCredit Bank Austria’s top priority.

As a pan-European bank with strong local roots, UniCredit Bank Austria is implementing a bundle of targeted measures to provide the best possible support to companies in the current situation – ranging from individual businesses to large corporates. “UniCredit Bank Austria is a stable and reliable partner for local companies. Together with our customers, we will overcome these difficult times and help the companies affected. We will support the companies with substantial measures so that they can recover from the current difficult situation as quickly as possible”, said Robert Zadrazil, CEO of UniCredit Bank Austria.

Individual stability packages with three main components
Companies that are in financial difficulties due to the current situation can contact their UniCredit Bank Austria relationship manager. In this way, a stability package tailored to the individual situation can be worked out together, making the best possible use of the support offers, programmes and subsidy opportunities currently made available by the Austrian federal government, which offer new subsidy opportunities almost daily. In addition, the entire financial know-how of UniCredit Bank Austria is available to companies: from liquidity planning and a professional working capital check to the latest updates in the digital BusinessPlanner.

“We will evaluate the individual situation of every single company very carefully in order to help them, to do the right thing so we take the measures that are best suited to the situation in order to master this situation in the best possible way”, emphasized Robert Zadrazil. The individual stability packages, in UniCredit Bank Austria’s view, essentially consist of three main components, which are intended to achieve comprehensive stabilisation of the companies in this exceptional situation:

  1. After informing the companies about possibilities with the fiscal and social security authorities (health insurance, social security agencies and the tax office) and about the possibilities of the new short-time working model, additional possibilities for temporary cost reduction are explored in a joint discussion with the advisor.
  2. UniCredit Bank Austria provides information and advice on applications for subsidised loans with guarantees from public agencies - the current focus here is primarily on aws guarantees for bridging and working capital financing, the packages of measures of the Austrian Hotel and Tourism Bank ÖHT and credit funds of the Austrian Kontrollbank (OeKB), as well as an increasing number of federal state subsidy programmes.
  3.  The entire process is preceded by an individual assessment of the economic health of the company by UniCredit Bank Austria, in order to be able to help with bridging aids such as deferrals or bridging loans in the event of liquidity shortages.

With the support of their bank, export companies can apply for a credit line of 10 percent (large companies) or 15 percent (small and medium-sized enterprises) of their export turnover at OeKB. The maximum limit per customer is 60 million euros. The list of available public subsidies is constantly being expanded. “As a leading corporate bank and preferred partner in subsidy consulting, UniCredit Bank Austria is the ideal contact point to get an overview of the current subsidy opportunities. Our subsidy experts are currently available to our customers by phone and video to advise them”, explained Robert Zadrazil.

An overview of current subsidy opportunities is also available via the UniCredit Bank Austria online subsidy finder: www.bankaustria.at/online-foerderfinder-unternehmen-firmen.jsp 

“The far-reaching measures taken by the Austrian federal government are the essential tool for stabilising the economy in this exceptional situation and for saving jobs. I would like to express my sincere thanks for the very rapid implementation of these measures, which, combined with our extensive financial know-how, enable us to make use of our core competence, provide comprehensive advice to companies and support them very quickly with concrete measures”, said Robert Zadrazil. 

Advisory and service via digital and alternative channels is currently in focus
In addition to protecting the health and well-being of customers and employees, one of UniCredit Bank Austria's top priorities is to continue to provide the best possible service through its multi-channel offering with remote advisory services:

  • UniCredit Bank Austria continues to be available for customer consultations and advisory services via video and telephone.
  • UniCredit Bank Austria’s multi-channel banking service enables all companies to view banking services (such as payment transactions, accounts, debit and credit cards, securities accounts and loans) and to carry out important services and transactions such as payment orders in a simple, fast and secure manner via BusinessNet, BusinessNet Mobile and BusinessLine or other electronic channels. 
  • For any application related questions, Bank Austria is also available by calling the hotline 050505 – 26200 for BusinessLine or 050505-26500 for BusinessNet.
  • Entrepreneurs who find themselves in financial difficulties due to the current situation should either contact their UniCredit Bank Austria relationship manager directly by telephone or contact the support team for corporate customers by telephone on 050505-24

UniCredit Bank Austria will continue to actively monitor the situation, always act in everyone’s best interest and do the right thing vis à vis all our stakeholders.

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