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UniCredit Bank Austria strengthens measures to prevent the spread of Coronavirus (Covid-19)

The health and well-being of employees and customers is UniCredit  and UniCredit Bank Austria's top priority.

UniCredit Bank Austria is strengthening its existing measures to protect its customers and employees against the possible spread of the Covid-19 virus.

Robert Zadrazil, CEO of UniCredit Bank Austria, commented: “The primary objective of our measures is to keep our customers and employees safe while, at the same time, ensuring that all customer services continue to run smoothly. Together we all have to fight against the spread of the new coronavirus and protect ourselves and others. One way UniCredit Bank Austria will achieve this is by continuing to provide the best possible service through its multi-channel offering, with remote advisory services.”

The following measures have already been implemented:

  • At the first signs of the spread of the new coronavirus in Europe, UniCredit Bank Austria immediately activated its health and safety protocols and has been carefully monitoring the overall situation, in line with Group-wide measures
  • UniCredit Bank Austria encourages all employees to make greater use of alternative mobile working solutions such as remote working from home
  • Employees who have been in the affected areas in the last two weeks will need  to work remotely or – if this is not possible – will be put on paid leave and will not be allowed to access their usual workplace
  • Disinfection stations have been installed and instructions for proper hand washing have been placed, clearly visible, at all washing facilities
  • As a precautionary measure, a Group-wide ban on non-essential domestic and international travel within Europe was introduced on 22 February 2020, which applies to all employees. This is in addition to the existing ban on business travel to and from Asia and within Asia dated 29 January 2020 and a new ban on business travel to and from Italy.
  • Strengthening of the multi-channel offer with additional remote advisory services in order to continue to provide customers with the best possible service.

Following the announcement the Austrian Federal Government and in accordance with the current decree of the Ministry of Health, the Bank’s existing measures have been fortified. In light of this development, the multi-channel offer will be further strengthened to comply with the recommendations of the health authorities to limit social contacts to the bare minimum, to limit the spread of the coronavirus.

UniCredit Bank Austria's multi-channel banking services allow main services and transactions to be carried out easily, quickly and securely via internet banking, the MobileBanking App and SmartBanking. Personal customer appointments will be reduced as much as possible, until further notice.

Internal appointments will be held online, as far as possible, thanks to the online meeting functionalities already in place for UniCredit Bank Austria. Planned external events have been postponed until further notice, in line with the current decree of the Austrian Ministry of Health.

UniCredit and UniCredit Bank Austria will continue to actively monitor the situation, always act in everyone's best interests and do the right thing! 

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