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Invest with 95 percent minimum repayment at maturity:
The new "HVB bond with 95 % minimum repayment 03/2028" on the "Emerging Focus Strategy Index"

  • With the new bond with 95 percent minimum repayment, you can benefit from the opportunity to participate 100 percent in a positive development of the "Emerging Focus Strategy Index"
  • Minimum repayment of 95 percent of the nominal amount at maturity
  • The term is 8 years, whereby the bond can be traded at the stock exchange under normal market conditions

The basis for the development of the "HVB bond with a minimum repayment of 95 % 03/2028" is the "Emerging Focus Strategy Index". The index tracks the performance of the equity fund "Amundi Funds Equity Emerging Focus" taking into account a flexible hedging system. This is an investment fund that invests primarily in shares of companies from emerging markets. These companies are selected using an approach that identifies those that will take advantage of the growing demand in terms of private consumption, domestic investment and infrastructure development in emerging markets.

Mauro Maschio, Member of the Management Board Privatkundenbank of UniCredit Bank Austria, emphasizes: "With the new bond with a minimum repayment of 95 percent on the ‘Emerging Focus Strategy Index ‘, we offer investors in the current low-interest environment an interesting investment opportunity in a promising market segment and the opportunity to participate in the performance of the ‘Amundi Funds Equity Emerging Focus’ in a risk-optimized manner. The bond offers a 95 percent minimum redemption at maturity."

The "Emerging Focus Strategy Index" consists of two components, the "Amundi Funds Equity Emerging Focus" (ISIN LU0552028184) and the "HVB 3 Months Rolling Euribor Index" (ISIN DE000A0QZBZ6). The aim of the index is to participate in the performance of the fund in a risk-optimised manner, taking into account a flexible hedging system. For this purpose, the system determines the participation of the index in the fund on the basis of the level of volatility (fluctuation in value) of the fund. The higher the volatility of the fund, the higher the proportion invested in the money market index. The lower the volatility of the fund, the higher the proportion invested in the fund.

On the initial observation day, 02.03.2020, the closing price (reference price) of the “Emerging Focus Strategy Index“ (underlying) is determined. The base price (95 percent of the reference price) is calculated from this.

The performance of the index is then calculated from the reference prices of the initial and last observation days. If the reference price of the index on the last observation day is at or above the strike price, the redemption per bond will take place on the redemption date, 03.03.2028, at the nominal amount of 1,000 Euros plus the positive or negative percentage performance multiplied by the nominal amount. This means that the redemption amount on the redemption date may be less than the nominal amount of 1,000 Euros, but at least 950 Euros per bond. If the reference price of the index on the last observation day is below the strike price, the redemption will be in the amount of the minimum redemption amount of 950 Euros per bond. The possible loss is therefore limited to 5 percent of the nominal amount.

The capital is invested for a total of 8 years, whereby the bond can be sold under normal market conditions on and off the stock exchange. The underlying “Emerging Focus Strategy Index“ is calculated in euros. UniCredit Bank AG is the index sponsor and calculation agent.

The issue in detail:

HVB bond with 95 % minimum repayment 03/2028 based on Emerging Focus Strategy Index

ISIN:    DE000HVB4163
Issuer:   UniCredit Bank AG
Underlying asset:       Emerging Focus Strategy Index (EUR)
Offer:                     from 7 January to 28 February 2020 (14 hrs), subject to early closure
Repayment:       03.03.2028
Issue price: 100 %
Premium (purchase expenses): 4 %
Denomination:  1.000 Euro
Ranking days:      initially: 02.03.2020, final: 25.02.2028
Participation factor:     100 %

minimum repayment at the end of the term:

Listing: Expected from 06.03.2020, Frankfurt (OTC), Stuttgart (OTC)
Expenses and fees:  Deposit fee: annual 0.235 % + 20 % VAT of the market value, at least EUR 3.92 annual + 20 % VAT per securities position; however, at least EUR 26.28 + 20 % VAT per securities account
Selling expenses: 0.7 % of the sales value (at least 63 euros) plus third-party costs in full



This advertisement is for advertising purposes only and does not constitute investment advice or recommendation, product recommendation, solicitation to buy or sell this bond or solicitation to make such an offer. It serves only as initial information and cannot replace advice based on the investor's individual circumstances and knowledge. Every capital investment is associated with risk. The value of the investment as well as the amount of the yields can suddenly and to a considerable extent fluctuate and thus not be guaranteed. There is a possibility that the investor may not recover the entire amount invested. A total loss of the invested capital is possible. Investors are exposed to the risk that the issuer may not be able to meet its obligations under the “HVB bond with 95 % minimum repayment 03/2028 based on Emerging Focus Strategy Index”, for example in the event of insolvency (insolvency/overindebtedness) or an official order. This default risk also comes into play if, in the event of a financial distress of the issuer, a creditor participation procedure (bail-in) has been officially initiated by the responsible settlement authority. A total loss of the invested capital is possible. There is no deposit guarantee for securities.

This advertising does not constitute a prospectus within the meaning of the EU Prospectus Regulation - (EU) 2017/1129. Only the information contained in the published Final Terms of the Structured Bonds and the Base Prospectus dated 24 May 2019, including any amendments or supplements, approved by the Federal Financial Supervisory Authority ("BaFin") and notified to the Financial Market Authority ("FMA"), is legally binding and authoritative. The approval of this Prospectus is neither a recommendation nor any other endorsement to acquire these securities of UniCredit Bank AG. It is recommended that you read these documents carefully before making any investment decision in order to fully understand the potential risks and rewards of making an investment decision. The Final Terms and the Base Prospectus as well as prospectus supplements are available free of charge at https://www.onemarkets.at/content/onemarkets-relaunch-at/de/productpage.pdf?document=Endgueltige_Bedingungen_DE000HVB4163.pdf  or at www.onemarkets.at/basisprospekte (for investors in Austria) and www.onemarkets.de/basisprospekte (for investors in Germany and Luxembourg) and at UniCredit Bank Austria AG, Rothschildplatz 1, 1020 Vienna, and at the branches of UniCredit Bank Austria AG.

The basic information sheet on the aforementioned “HVB bond with a minimum repayment of 95 % 03/2028” is available free of charge in the branches of UniCredit Bank Austria AG and at http://www.onemarkets.at/kid/de000hvb4163 Bank Austria will be happy to advise you on all opportunities, risks and expenses incurred.

You are about to purchase a product that is not easy and can be difficult to understand.
U.S. nationals, residents, tax residents and/or companies in the U.S. may not offer or purchase the above structured product.

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