Track record:
UniCredit Bank Austria crowdfunding initiative generates 1.4 million euros over four years

  • 38 projects successfully implemented their crowdfunding in 2018 with the support of UniCredit Bank Austria via wemakeit
  • 3,160 supporters were involved
  • 315,000 Euro total gain this year
  • A total amount of 1.4 million euros reached since 2015

This year, the most successful crowdfunding initiative of the local cultural scene entered its fourth round. In 2015, UniCredit Bank Austria began to financially support cultural projects of social relevance with a total of EUR 100,000 per year. Wemakeit, a specialist in crowdfunding for cultural projects, acts as a partner.
Since May this year, interested parties have again had the opportunity to support the projects presented by wemakeit on the Bank Austria Art Prize page. The following applied: If a project has achieved the first third of the financing target through at least 20 supporters, UniCredit Bank Austria immediately took over the second third up to a maximum value of EUR 5,000. The remaining third had to be financed by the crowd again.
The year of superlatives
“Our crowdfunding initiative really took off this year and a record result was achieved with the active participation of private supporters. This is a confirmation that we have given the right impetus with this initiative”, emphasises Robert Zadrazil, CEO of UniCredit Bank Austria, “and this has enabled us, as one of Austria’s largest private cultural sponsors, to achieve our goal of supporting young talents and smaller projects throughout Austria in an innovative way.”
A total of 38 projects reached their targets this year and, with more than 3,000 supporters, earned around 315,000 euros. With 32 projects, Vienna is once again claiming the lion’s share of successfully completed projects this year. The remaining six projects were submitted three times by Lower Austria and one each by Upper Austria, Salzburg and Styria.
This year’s crowdfunding initiative kicked off with the illustrated book project “Kratzungen blau”. With 125 percent financing, the project was even able to significantly exceed its target. Of a total of 81 supporters, a total of 15,000 euros were raised. The “Vienna Senf” project had not only set itself the highest financing target in the current funding period of 25,000 euros: With the help of 131 supporters, the ambitious sum could even be exceeded, so that the online magazine “Vienna Würstelstand” can raise its content to the next level with videos in the future.
The project “NEIN sagen mit der NONOs Häkelbande” on the other hand, inspired most supporters with over 500 fans. The unconventional family book for children from the age of four deals with topics such as self-determination, group pressure, demarcation and bullying in a playful way and serves as a basis for discussions in schools, kindergardens or therapies.
132 projects have generated a total of 1.4 million euros since 2015
The average financing target for the projects this year was around 7,600 euros. Since the initiative was launched by UniCredit Bank Austria in 2015, a total of 132 projects have been financed in cooperation with the crowdfunding platform wemakeit and around EUR 1.4 million have been generated. Figures that make the campaign the most successful digital cultural project in the country.
In 2018, the following 38 projects were convincing:

  • Anstoß (W)
  • AVIDO duo - Debut CD (W)
  • BachWerkVocal Salzburg (S)
  • Bildband ’Kratzungen blau’(W/K)
  • CD #onthemove (W)
  • CD ’Mare Mediterraneum ’ (W)
  • Cello on Fire - Fringe 2018 (W/GB)
  • Der alte Weinkeller (N)
  • Der Reigen (W)
  • Die Grazer Gruppe (Stmk)
  • Donde son estas serranas? (Lower Austria)
  • Emma's Glück goes Peru (W)
  • Ensemble Verbotene Frucht (W/D)
  • FlügelSchlagfertig CD (W)
  • Frauenwahlrechtzentrale (W)
  • Giniginamar: Das Album (W/CH)
  • Guse – Kunstpublikation (W)
  • Hafen Open Air (W)
  • le2dam#01 – die Debüt CD (W)
  • Leo&Lea Löwenzahn - Kinderbuch (W/D)
  • Maria Magdalena (Lower Austria)
  • Mina Kornblum - Sinn&Sein (W/D)
  • MIRAGE - Tanztheater (W)
  • NEIN sagen mit den NONOs (W)
  • Pixie,sing! (UPPER AUSTRIA)
  • Richard Seniov Trio (W)
  • Seva India Festival (W)
  • Sommer Music Workshops (W/Croa)
  • Sophie und das 3-Federn-Rätsel (W)
  • Stadtschrift Mauerschau (W)
  • Station Rose: Liquid Walls (W)
  • Talespin Hörbuch: Affe (W)
  • Transkription eines Fehlers (W)
  • vienna senf (W)
  • Wanjo Banjo, die 2te (W)
  • Waves Vienna Music Festival (W)
  • #technochor concert with MIO (W)
  • 10 years i Flautisti - CD (W)

Project information: https://wemakeit.com/channels/bankaustria
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