32nd Alpbach Financial Symposium
Most innovative financial service of 2018: UniCredit Bank Austria’s digital services for companies

  • UniCredit Bank Austria’s digital services make it possible for companies to simplify, accelerate and optimise their processes
  • The “Most Innovative Financial Service of the Year” award goes to UniCredit Bank Austria for the ninth consecutive year

At the 32nd Alpbach Financial Symposium, participants in the forum named UniCredit Bank Austria’s digital services for companies the most innovative financial service of 2018. This is the ninth consecutive year that UniCredit Bank Austria has received this award.
Susanne Wendler, Area Head Corporate Clients at UniCredit Bank Austria: “Digitalisation is also making great strides in the corporate client segment. As a leading corporate bank, we support our clients with a wide range of digital services, from simple electronic banking to special solutions for complex financial management. The award given to our digital services for companies by business leaders confirms our pioneering role as the most innovative bank in Austria.”
“At UniCredit Bank Austria, we use digitalisation as a driver to bring about ongoing improvement and efficiency in our services. Above all, the digital services we offer companies make it possible for them to simplify, accelerate and optimise their processes,” says Dieter Hengl, UniCredit Bank Austria Board Member for Corporate & Investment Banking.
“We will soon be offering our clients yet another innovative digital service: ‘virtual accounts’. This will enable companies to significantly improve their payment transaction processes,” says Dieter Hengl. Virtual accounts enable the rapid allocation of incoming payments and can also be used for outgoing payments. The principle of virtual accounts is simple: A company can set up virtual sub-accounts, allowing it, for example, to create a separate virtual account with the corresponding IBAN for each customer. This allows payments to be assigned quickly and definitively when an amount is credited to a virtual account.
UniCredit counts on digitization as a key criterion for the transformation and development of the entire group. UniCredit will invest EUR 1.7 billion across the group in IT and digital innovation until 2019.
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