Austria Campus – new Headquarters of UniCredit Bank Austria
New Headquarters of UniCredit Bank Austria officially opened

  • The entire Austria Campus is one of the largest office building projects in Europe – UniCredit Bank Austria has developed office space in two buildings, totalling approx. 60,000 square metres
  • With the relocation of 5,300 employees, one of the largest relocation projects in Central Europe has been successfully concluded
  • With its new headquarters on Austria Campus, UniCredit Bank Austria are setting new standards for modern working and sustainability
  • The new head office officially opens today with a big open air celebration

Austria Campus, the new headquarters of UniCredit Bank Austria, brings together a total of 16 UniCredit subsidiaries and the Vienna based CEE units in one single location. 5,300 employees have moved from 12 different locations to the new headquarters – all while continuing business operations. This corresponds to the population of the town of Melk in Lower Austria. On Austria Campus, UniCredit Bank Austria has developed office space in two buildings, totalling approx. 60,000 square metres. The entire Austria Campus was built on 85 hectares of land.

Robert Zadrazil, CEO of UniCredit Bank Austria, commented: “As we move into our new headquarters, we set the standards for modern working and collaboration. By concentrating all central units in this state-of-the-art location and with a new, open and modern work organisation based on 'smart working', we have positioned ourselves as a top employer. We have also created the conditions for better communication and work-life balance, and for stronger commitment from our employees. In addition, our new headquarters meets the highest environmental and sustainability standards. Among other things, we have built one of the largest geothermal plants in Central Europe in terms of area."

Gianni Franco Papa, General Manager of UniCredit, states: “The new headquarters of UniCredit Bank Austria is a further milestone and a clear sign for the successful transformation of our Group. In Vienna, we have followed the examples of our new headquarters in Milan and our new head office in Belgrade. Our open and modern working environment goes beyond efficiency to express our Group’s innovative, future-oriented corporate culture and are designed to foster best practice through the sharing of useful experiences and information, making collaboration and networking easier. UniCredit is a simple, successful pan-European commercial bank where our businesses work together seamlessly to meet our customers’ needs in the best possible way. Austria is a core market for us and keeps delivering important contributions to the results of our Group. The work we are all doing as a team – here in Austria, within our CEE division and across our entire bank – is crucial to reach our strategic goals and keep making UniCredit a pan-European winner.”

Michael Ludwig, Mayor of the City of Vienna, says: “The Austria Campus is in many ways a forward-looking project. Perfectly connected to the public transportation network, it is located at one of the most dynamic sites in our city. The immediate proximity to the Vienna trade fair centre and to the campus of the Vienna University of Economics and Business create valuable synergies that underscore the value of this project.”

And Peter Hanke, the Member of the City Council of Vienna responsible for finance, economy, digitisation and international affairs, adds: “The new Bank Austria headquarters proves that Vienna is an attractive business location and also offers attractive operating areas close to the city center such as the Nordbahn (Northern Station) area. In total, around 500 million euros were invested in this area. This also secures and creates many new jobs in our city. I wish all colleagues at the new location all the best for the future.”

New headquarters has set new standards for modern working and sustainability
The Austria Campus is one of the largest office projects in Europe and part of one of the largest and most important central urban development areas in Vienna. The new headquarters, on the former grounds of Vienna‘s Northern Station, was built based on the winning project of an urban development tender following the plans of architect Boris Podrecca. The office building was constructed by SIGNA and tailored by UniCredit Bank Austria to all aspects of modern work organisation.

At the heart of the concept is an innovative office landscape that enables new work forms and models. An open office structure ensures improved communication and information exchange. The concept of “SmartWorking” was realised with the ability to work anywhere on the campus as well as from home and whilst on the road thanks to “RemoteWork”. Thus, the new headquarters is the basis for the further development of the corporate culture to strengthen self-responsibility, flexibility and trust in daily work.

On the entire Austria Campus, the highest priority was given to ecology and sustainability criteria; LEED certification as a Green Building and DGNB / ÖGNI certification as a Blue Building are being sought. The company-owned geothermal plant on the Austria Campus is one of the largest in Europe for the production of geothermal energy. This energy source is used in both summer and winter to support heating and cooling in compliance with all environmental requirements. The electricity savings will be equivalent to 23 GWh, or roughly the electricity consumption of all residents of the 1st district of Vienna. The heating energy requirement is also much lower - with the savings of 20 GWh, it would be possible to heat 2,857 newly-built 80-square-metre apartments. The reduction of electricity and heating energy demand leads to the considerable CO2 savings of about 5,500 tonnes.

The new headquarters of UniCredit Bank Austria will be officially opened today with a big open air celebration.

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