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Investing with capital security on maturity: The new HVB Garant Anleihe based on the “Silver Age Strategy Index”

  • The new Garant Anleihe 06/2026 based on the “Silver Age Strategy Index” gives you the opportunity to participate 100 per cent in any positive development of the index
  • Capital security thanks to repayment of at least 100 per cent of the nominal value at the end of the term
  • The term is seven years and eleven months, during which time the bond can be sold under normal market conditions at the current price

The performance of the HVB Garant Anleihe 06/2026 is based on the “Silver Age Strategy Index”. The index reflects the performance of the “CPR Invest-Global Silver Age Fonds”, an investment fonds that is primarily investetd in shares of companies that are connected to the demographic change in our society (e.g. Wellness, leisure time, financial provision, automotive industry, care, security technologies, pharmacy and medical technology). The other component is a low-risk money market ETF, which is used for the flexible security system.

If the performance of the index is not as desired, the capital security is retrieved on maturity and the investors receive at least the nominal value of EUR 1,000 per share.

Markus Kosche, Head of Retail Sales Private Customers, Small Business and Independent Professions at UniCredit Bank Austria, emphasises: “The new Garant Anleihe, based on the ‘Silver Age Strategy Index’, offers investors the opportunity in the current low-interest environment to invest in a growth market, and to make use of opportunities for returns. The integrated capital security offers 100 percent capital security and limits the risk on maturity within the meaning of a security-oriented financial investment.”

The new Garant Anleihe provides interesting medium-term investment opportunities. The division between the basket and the low-risk component, the money market ETF “HVB 3 Months Rolling Euribor Index”, is based on the flexible security system of the “Silver Age Strategy Index”. During quiet periods on the financial markets, the index shall participate in the performance of the basket. In return, the flexible security system shall assign the basket a high weighting and the money market ETF a low weighting. During periods with a continual rise and fall on the markets, the participation of the index in the performance of the basket will be reduced and its participation in the money market ETF will be increased.

The increased participation of the index in the performance of the money market ETF can ensure that the risk for investors is limited as far as possible. The capital is invested for a total of seven years and eleven months, during which time the bond can be sold under normal market conditions at the current price. The underlying “Silver Age Strategy Index” is calculated in euros. The index sponsor and calculation agent is UniCredit Bank AG (formerly Bayerische Hypo- und Vereinsbank AG).

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