Current INTEGRAL survey on behalf of UniCredit Bank Austria: Expert advice is essential for investors

  • Survey shows customers want expert advice when making investments but, for the most part, want to make investment decisions themselves
  • Transparent fee models are an important asset
  • In-depth analysis of the portfolio is of great importance
  • UniCredit Bank Austria offers a suitable analysis tool and highly qualified expert advice

In a recent INTEGRAL market research survey commissioned by UniCredit Bank Austria on the topic of “Consulting trends when making an investment”, a clear majority of the investors (76 per cent) stated that they wanted recommendations from proven experts when making investment decisions. However, 54 per cent of those asked want to make their investment decisions themselves after receiving the advice. Only a minority of 23 per cent think they can go without expert advice in the current environment.

For just under one-third of the respondents (27 per cent), a transparent flat-rate fee is important, which includes all transaction costs. This percentage increases to 32 per cent among holders of larger portfolios (over 70,000 euros). Female investors are the most receptive to a flat-rate fee (43 per cent).

Almost half of the respondents (45 per cent) were interested in a fundamental analysis of their own portfolio before making new investment decisions. For investors with higher investment sums, this proportion increases to 57 per cent. At the same time, however, only
8 per cent of the respondents know about professional portfolio analysis tools.

Some of the investors surveyed (approx. one-tenth) would pay up to 200 euros for an in-depth analysis of their existing portfolio. UniCredit Bank Austria, however, offers a professional risk/reward analysis that is both non-binding and free of charge. Even for customers from another bank.

“This survey clearly shows that the demand for actively managed investment solutions and the advice provided by experts is increasing,” said Markus Kosche, Head of Retail Sales Private Customers, Small Business and Independent Professions at UniCredit Bank Austria. “To that end, UniCredit Bank Austria offers, in addition to an in-depth and highly professional risk/reward analysis, the ideal expert support and customised products for investment management.”

Non-binding and free risk/reward analysis
All interested investors can receive a non-binding and free risk/reward analysis from proven experts at UniCredit Bank Austria, with which you can find the ideal investment for maximum returns with the lowest possible risk.

The risk/reward analysis provides in-depth answers to two questions in particular:
1. Is it possible to generate more returns with the same risk?
2. How is it possible to obtain the existing return at lower risk?

To this end, all current investments are subjected to a detailed analysis and compared with one of the selected model portfolios. This risk/reward analysis goes far beyond a conventional portfolio analysis, which other Austrian banks offer in the retail sector.

“The analysis contains a detailed check of all forms of investment in a portfolio, including a presentation of the development of the portfolio in the event of various historical events, as well as selected future scenarios,” emphasised Marion Morales Albiñana-Rosner, Head of the Strategy Department for Private Clients at UniCredit Bank Austria. “The securities portfolio is tested based on past crises, such as the financial crisis, or future scenarios, such as a massive global increase in interest rates. Likewise, the potential maximum profit or loss of the portfolio for the next eight years is shown – with a probability of 95 per cent.”

All interested parties will subsequently receive a personal investment strategy based on the different individual investment wishes and objectives. This will highlight potential improvements for the investment. Throughout Austria, we have 100 investment experts, who can either provide advice in a consultation on site in the branch or via video during a consultation in the branch. In doing so, these experts help the investors find a suitable investment mix, tailored precisely to the personal risk tolerance.

Two investment models for any type of investor
In the currently volatile markets and the continuing low-interest environment, active diversification across various asset classes is necessary for long-term success in investments, to compensate for fluctuations and participate in an increase in value from other asset classes. In addition to its Premium asset management tailored to different risk classes, UniCredit Bank Austria also offers the “UNIVERS” consulting model. Customers can make their investment decisions themselves in close consultation with experts and, thanks to transparent flat-rate expenses, completely independent of transaction costs.

About the survey
INTEGRAL Markt- und Meinungsforschungsges.m.b.H. carried out 300 online interviews with investors in securities in February 2018 on behalf of UniCredit Bank Austria.


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